Friday , 20 September 2019

25 Things That Are Actually Awesome


“My brother found a tiny crab in this mussel he was about to eat.”

“My beer being light struck.”

“My dad has a cap with a solar powered fan on it.”

“$10 gift certificate for parking over night instead of drinking and driving.”

A HUGE Allen wrench.

“My daughter’s school protecting a killdeer that decided to nest in a crack in the sidewalk.”

“Found the original painting of the “What the fuck am I reading?” meme guy inside a Scottish castle”

“My mum always wraps Birthday presents in maps.”

“Saw a snail today while I was outside and it’s shell is crystal clear”

“I extracted me and my husband’s brains from MRI images and he 3D printed them.”

Snail trail.

“My dads wedding ring has been stuck on his finger for the past 21 years. Today it finally broke.”

“A stack of Australian 50 cent coins I made when I was bored.”

“The view from my friend’s room makes it look like his light is in the middle of the sky.”

“You can see where my dog has gone up the stairs for the last 7 years.”

“My Chinese food has a carrot that’s cut up like a fish”

“This garlic I found in my garden. The entire head is one clove.”

“The reflection from my tv looks like the moon is hovering over my swimming pool.”

“The sauce flourish on my plate is a barrier to stop meat juice from reaching my fries.”

“I didn’t notice that my glove broke while dying my friend’s hair and now my hands are stained.”

“Three screws (aircraft grade) that cost $136.99 dollars each.”

“My uber’s gear shift stick was a samurai sword.”

A 4 leaf clover in a book from 1877.


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