25+ Times When Architects Outperformed All Expectations

Cathedral In St. Petersburg, Russia

New Pharmacy In Riga

The Axel Towers In Copenhagen, Denmark

Fengying Stone Art Museum, Chongwu, China, Designed By Goa In 2018

Sublime Form Of This Climate Research Centre In Greenland

“Sexy And Sustainable. This School In Copenhagen Has Solar Panels In Its Facade That Supplies Half Its Energy Consumption”

Chrysler Building, New York

“A Whale Shaped Building In Bremen, Germany. If Anyone Knows What This Place Is I’d Love To Find Out”

Oslo Opera House Designed In 1999 By Snøhetta And Finished In 2007

L’arbre Blanc In Montpellier, France

The Eastern Columbia Building

515 West 22nd. NYC

Shoreditch Hotel In London

Osaka Castle, Japan

Casa Batlló By Antoni Gaudí In Barcelona, Spain

Public Restroom, Ureddplassen, Norway, Designed By Haugen/Zohar In 2018

Some Beautiful Bricks. Hamburg, Germany

“Not My Usual Kind Of Building But I Love It. Paris”

Shenzhen, China

Seocho Garak Tower East (130 M, 24 Stories), Seoul, South Korea

“Some Very Beautiful, Charming Buildings. St. Paul’s Studios On Talgarth Road”

“Would You Download A Home? A 3D Printed Home In Beckum, Germany”


I Bet That Room In The Top Is Extra Cozy. Bristol, UK

Performing Arts Center In Beijing

“I Am So Jealous Of All The Nice Things The Netherlands Has. Like This Tax Office”

Vancouver Public Library

The “Comfort Town” Housing Development. Kyiv, Ukraine

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