25 Unbelievable Wild Facts

The collection offers a mix of fascinating and unbelievable information that will leave you stunned.

1. In Somalia, a woman had to undergo emergency surgery after getting shot accidentally in the clitoris while relaxing at home. The “first” injury of its kind.

2. In the Netherlands, a man who has fathered 550 children has been banned from donating anymore sperm. National guidelines permit donors to father no more than 25 children.

3. Google offices have nap pods installed in their offices for any member of staff who feels the need to take a nap. The nap pods include a privacy visor, a programmed 20 minute nap setting, built-in speakers and an alarm.

4. In 1932, the Australian Army went to war against a mob of emus that were destroying farmland. The Army lost.

5. In 2012, a 36-year-old fisherman, Salvador Alvarenga, drifted over 10,000 km from Mexico in a small boat. He wasn’t seen again until 438 days later where he was found on the Marshall Islands, naked, clutching a knife and shouting in Spanish. He’d survived 14 months lost at sea.

6. In 2009, after a swift 20-minute helicopter ride over New York City, Stephen Wiltshire, an autistic artist, was able to draw the entire New York skyline from memory.

7. In 2009, a 24-year-old knife-wielding burglar attempted to break into a 72-year-old pensioner’s home in Oxford, England, but was left battered, bruised and pinned to the ground. Turned out the pensioner, Frank Corti, was a former boxing champion.

8. In 2016, an estimated 1.5 million people took to the streets and protested in Seoul, South Korea, with 25,000 police officers dispatched. There were zero reported cases of violence on either side.

9. In Florida, a mother who spent her entire life savings on helping her daughter beat cancer won $2 million on the lottery, just one day after her last payment for her daughter’s treatment was made.

10. In 2013, a Florida man, Jeff Bush, was sleeping in his bedroom when a large sinkhole opened up directly underneath his bed, swallowing him and his entire bedroom. His brother heard him scream, but was unable to see or reach him in time. Bush’s body was never recovered.

11. In 1995, a dog’s owners were both killed in a car accident in Russia. Despite attempts to rehome, the German Shepard refused to leave the site of the accident. The dog stayed waiting for 7 years until he died in 2002. A statue now stands in honor of the dog entitled “LOYALTY”

12. In Brazil, photographer Sebastião Salgado and his wife planted 2 million trees over 20 years and brought a dead forest back to life. Over 170 species of birds, more than 30 species of mammals and 15 species of amphibians and reptiles now call the area home.

13. Dr. Seuss cheated on his first wife who had cancer at the time. After finding out about the affair, she took her own life and Seuss went on to marry his mistress

14. In Japan, you can hire out “Rage Rooms” where you spend 30 minutes releasing anger, tension and the frustrations of daily life by smashing up household items with a bat.

15. No human to ever exist has received more visitors to their funeral than C.N Annadurai, a politician from India. Over 15 million people gathered in Chennai to see him off in 1969.

16. In 2016, a man left his glasses at an art museum. Shortly after, observers gathered around the glasses and began taking photos thinking it was art.

17. In 2011, the Indian government opened 5 of 6 secret vaults inside an ancient temple that had been locked away for centuries and discovered $22 billion in treasure. The 6th vault remains unopened, due to fear it contains a curse that, if released, could destroy the world.

18. According to IMDB, Snoop Dogg has an IQ of 147, which is considered to be the level of a “highly gifted genius”

19. 26th president Theodore Roosevelt was once shot in the chest prior to giving a speech. Noticing the bullet missed his lungs, he carried on, with blood seeping from his shirt. He delivered the full 90-minute speech before accepting medical attention.

20. In 2015, a man in Manchester, England, became tired of the amount of potholes in his city and began graffitiing giant penises onto them so that the council would clear them up faster. He was nicknamed “Wanksy”

21. In 1980, a 21-year-old Candian man, Terry Fox, ran 3,339 miles across Canada in 143 days on one leg. His right leg had been amputated due to cancer so he embarked on the marathon to raise money for cancer research. His foundation has since raised over $850 million for the cause.

22. One of the oldest people ever documented, Jeanne Calment, smoked for 100 years, drank a daily glass of wine, and ate two pounds of chocolate every week. She lived to 122.

23. In 2010, a black Nigerian couple living in London gave birth to a white, blond haired, blue eyed baby who became known as “The Miracle Baby”

24. In 1993, a Frenchman named Emile Leray driving a Citroen car in a remote area of the Moroccan desert had a breakdown and became stranded. To survive, he tore down the car, built a motorcycle from the parts and then rode it back to civilization.

25. While on safari in Africa, Ernest Hemingway survived two plane crashes in two days. He was believed dead for 24 hours, until he was spotted emerging from the jungle carrying a bunch of bananas and a bottle of gin.

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