25 Women Share Terrifying Responses to Rejecting Men

Rejection can be tough to handle, particularly in matters of love. Occasionally, a romantic letdown triggers responses that are surprising and sometimes downright strange.

Held myself and my family hostage till we convinced him to let one of leave (made up reason) and called for help. He spent time in a psych ward afterwards.

Stalk me, harass me at my workplace, steal my coworkers phone to try and get my number, follow me, threaten people I talked to, and called me a whore for not wanting them… I was married and around 5-8 months pregnant through that ordeal. He got arrested for attacking the security guard where I worked.

He started screaming at me saying that I wasn’t allowed to say no because he was a “good guy”. And that I was the reason that good guys turned to jerks. And he hopes horrible things happened to me. And he went back to how he was such a nice guy. He was giving me the opportunity to be with him and I should be so lucky. But he insisted that I couldn’t say no to him. According to him he had already decided for both of us, so I wasn’t allowed to change the plans… yeah he was weird. Luckily I met him at the place so I just waited for him to get distracted pretended to go to the bathroom went out the back door and took a weird route back home and blocked him. I was fortunate enough to never see or hear from him again.

Stalked me for 10 years, made countless rape and murder threats, then played the victim when I went to the police.

I reported it 10 years ago. He got arrested and sentenced to three years in prison, and I have a restraining order against him. Every time it needs to be renewed, he apparently thinks it won’t happen — but there’s so much evidence against him, and he STILL doesn’t think he did anything wrong!

It took me so long to report because other women here in the UK were told the police couldn’t do anything, since technically, the stalker hadn’t done anything yet. They only acted once the woman was raped or murdered. I just thought it was pointless. When he tried to break in to my house to rape me (as he’d threatened the night before), I called the police — who then told me off for not reporting sooner. We can’t win.

Told me he wished the next guy I met would “cut me up and put me in a dumpster.” Then, left a cupcake and flowers at my door saying sorry because he “didn’t know how to be rejected because no girls turn him down” when I was at work after I told him to p**s off after he said that. Then, called me over 50 times a day from a blocked number, leaving voicemails of him just breathing. I filed for a restraining order and they didn’t grant it because he was in the navy and it “could ruin his career.” He had previous stalking and harassment charges too. Love being a woman.

Got himself assigned to be my field supervisor when I was doing my dream-career internship, and slowly, methodically destroyed my mind and my future. He told me he would make it so that I was never able to get a job in my field, that he would make it so that I never became anything worthwhile in life…and he did. And then, on the last day I saw him, said “there, now, wasn’t that better than rape?”

I’m happy in general in life, years of ptsd therapy later. But I will always be angry that he stole my career, which was a defining part of my being.

I lived in a tiny upstairs place that was carved out of someone’s house. The guy just started pushing me inside and toward the couch as if he was going to push me down and get on top of me.

I am a pretty small woman but I pushed back anyway. It didn’t take much effort to just push him right out the door. I guess he wasn’t expecting resistance. How stupid.

Some guys really believe that “no actually means yes”.

Anyway about a week later I went out for the evening. When I came back my front door had been busted in and “someone” had been inside. But nothing was taken. Drawers and my jewelry box had not been rifled through.

Threatened to tell the principal of the school… like I’m gonna get expelled for not wanting to have sex with you.

Called me every gross name in the book and then begged me to tell him what he needed to do so I’d change my mind.

Told me he had made me his sole beneficiary and was going to [end] himself. (He didn’t but what a wierd thing to say!).

He started repeatedly punching a brick wall whilst screaming profanities.

Try to punch me.

Told everyone I gave him oral sex on guard duty and effectively ruined my reputation and subjected me to a lot more harrassment. We were deployed in Iraq at the time.

Led a fake life for 10yrs in which everyone he knew thought we were engaged, and then [ended the life of] ]another woman that he wanted a relationship with.

I’ve known three different men who told me I was a whore when I rejected them. In each case, I told them that was disrespectful, and in each case, I was reassured that if I slept with them, it would somehow make me not a whore anymore.

I was followed by a guy for 20 minutes after I told him no and that I had a boyfriend. He just replied, ‘It’s okay, I can be your side guy. Your boyfriend wouldn’t have to know.’ I think it’s a huge blow to their egos when a woman says no. Some can’t handle rejection.

Threatened to gather his friends from prison and come to my house.

Which is really funny because he was a white guy living in an suburban middle class area, the most criminal thing he and his friends has ever done is littering and speeding lmfao.

Relentlessly continued to pursue me. Blew up my phone multiple times a day. Stalked me at work. All while I made it clear I was with someone else.


Stalked me

Threatened me

Verbally abused me in front of my child

Insulted me

Kept trying to pursue me

All of those by different men.

Phoned me between 2am and 4am every single day for a month, would answer and get heavy breathing down the phone, asking me if I was fat, telling me I didn’t know who it was and who I was messing with (idiot never withheld his number so I knew exactly who it was) would stop for a few days and then start with the nightly phonecalls again.

I blocked his number countless times, he would phone on another number and tell me it was him and then pretend he was someone different and start with the whole you don’t know who your messing with again.

Carved my name into his arm.

Left me on the side of a darn road to get home – by my self! Awful person.

Yelled my fake name after me and my friends left the bar. As I’m driving ( it so happened that I was behind him) I saw him scanning the parking lot. He turned into the lot that I was in and proceeded to search. He did not have good intentions!

Acted like I had sent him nudes, then texted me nudes of a girl that did look very similar to me (at first I was like wtf did I actually take these but there were minor differences) and then used it as a reason to send me d*ck pics. Blocked all his social media accounts, deleted mine for awhile and blocked three numbers. Couldn’t escape the guy. I started dating someone and he sent the nude pics to him claiming I sent them to him and was cheating. I had all the messages from before saved and showed him ??‍♀️ it was insane.

He stalked me and tried to break into my dorm room – I wasn’t there at the time, but he did scare my roommate. He also stole some personal things from me.

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