26 Movies Made Before 2000 That Every Young Person Should See

“The Truman Show has marked me, and I feel like this is even more relevant now than it was back then.”

“Jurassic Park”

“Back to the Future.”

“I showed this to kids recently and they had 1 issue. They had trouble telling the difference between the 2 times. To them, both are so long ago (no cellphones, etc).

They don’t get the difference in clothes or music.”

“5th Element…”

“Mony Python and the Holy Grail”

“Office Space”

“The matrix. And only the first one was made before 2000 so its perfect.”

“A teenager? CADDYSHACK!”

“Terminator 2: Judgement Day”

“I’d say some Mel Brooks like Young Frankenstein, Space Balls, or Blazing Saddles.”


“Stand By Me”


I feel like a lot of older comedies haven’t aged very well, but Airplane is still just as funny now as when it was new, and a lot of the humor definitely is the type that appeals to a teenager.”

“Saving Private Ryan. Yes the opening scene is graphic but that’s the point.”

“Shawshank Redemption”

“My Cousin Vinny”

“The Princess Bride.

That movie can be watched in any setting with any group of people.”

“Trainspotting. That’ll keep em off the junk”

“I recently got showed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and now I recommend it to loads of people”

“Die Hard series is a f@#king must”

“Fight Club”

“Pulp Fiction”

“Ghostbusters. So they can know that there’s a good reason they keep going back to that well – the first one kicked f@#king @$$.”

“The Lion King. I’m not sure if it’s a must see but it’s a good movie and I feel like there wouldn’t be many people that would hate it or be super bored by it.”

“The Blues Brothers.”


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