26 Oh-No, I’m Old! Moments

Perfect for sharing with friends who think 9 PM is a late night out, this book is a comedic salute to all of us finding gray hairs in increasingly strange places!

Watching the “lil” rappers (lil pump, lil _insert name here_) score millions of likes on YouTube for some of the most awful music that has ever been unleashed on the world.

TikTok….when that app dropped I just instantly morphed into a dinosaur.

The moment I started considering 9 PM as “late” and got excited about buying a new type of vacuum cleaner.

I’ve been out of high school for about as long as current teenagers have been alive.

Hangovers are longer and heavier, lol.

When I’m no longer the youngest at work anymore.

Having to scroll for my birth year to show up.

When I started acting like my parents and want to stay home then rather going to parties. Feel excited for decorating or cleaning my house.

Waking up with back/neck pain cause I slept in the wrong position.

I call these moments “coffin nails”

1. The first was when I worked at a record store and when chatting with a customer, said customer’s kid asked “what’s Atari?”
2. Later, a friend of mine worked with teens, one of those teens asked me if I was a skater “back in the day” making me realize my youth was in fact “back in the day” to some people.
3. Hearing music I loved as a teen/young adult on “classic” radio stations.
1. Also being mocked for listening to radio.
4. A couple years ago, I found out I was the same age as a co-worker’s mother.
5. As of last year, 2 of my brother’s 3 kids are old enough to drink.
6. Just now realizing I’m the same age now as Wilford Brimley was in Cocoon.

It just keeps coming :D.

The constant aches and pains. But the big one was when my hobbies and daydreams changed to stuff like gardening, canning, crocheting, and fixing up my property.

Oh and also that I’ve had piercings longer than I havent.

When a song from my youth plays on the radio and the dj calls it a classic or an oldie.

Got out of shower. Sat on bed to put clothes on. Sat on my balls. F**k it. I had a good run. Hand me my cane.

When I had to ask, “what the f**k is a Rizz?”.

I’m from the Netherlands were instead of **you** we have two different words for it.
We say “jij” to someone that’s younger than you or equal to your age or in informal settings.
We say “u” to people that are older and in formal settings.

I’m 28 and suddenly younger people in restaurants or stores say “u” to me.
That’s when I realized I’m getting old.

Coming home from wherever work would send me and trying to hang out with friends. Realizing we had nothing in common anymore beyond the memories.

For me, it’s when celebrities pass away. I’m always like, ‘No way! They’ve been around since I was….’ Oh no! The math is the worst part.

Hitting my mid 50’s and realising that I was broke and would be working the rest of my life just to survive.

My knees crack when I get up. Also, I do that weird dad groan while doing it.

I can no longer function on 4 hours sleep.

When buying alcohol at a supermarket someone asked me for ID, and it made me laugh out loud! Also made my day ! I was 42,.

I turned on the Grammy awards and I had no clue who the majority of performers were. Years ago I knew all of them.

My 80th birthday was a clue.

There’s a haircut that gen z/alpha have that pisses me off.  I hate that I now get upset by a haircut. I don’t want to be old.

When kitchen gadgets excite you.

The oldies station was playing songs and I remember when they were released.

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