26 Old Photos: Then VS. Now

Tiergarten, Berlin (1945 & 2021)

Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

1910 Great Flood Of Paris

“This Is A Photo My Great Grandfather Took In Youngstown In 1951 And A Photo I Took Yesterday”

Roman Theatre Of Cartagena (Province Of Murcia, Spain) 1991 vs. 2021

“My House – Lillington, Nc – 1914 And Last Year”

Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 vs. 2020

1946 vs. 2021 – Poznań, Poland

Besikli Cave Tomb In Hatay, Turkey

“A German Aa Battery In Aasenfjord, Norway. A Transparent Screen With A Photo From The War Is Placed So You Can See What It Looked Like When New”

Positano, Italy A Century Apart (1920/2022)

Butchery Lane, Canterbury, In 1895, 1920, 1992 And 2022

1916 vs. Now- Verdun Battlefield, France

Avril Lavigne’s First Album Shoot 2022 vs. 2002

1000 Year Old Toghrol Tower In The City Of Rey, Iran. First Photo Taken In 1840’s

Redlands Fire Department Group Photo 1958 And 2012 @ Intersection Of 35 Cajon St, Redlands, Ca

Manhattan In 1851 And Today

1878 – 2022. Tetons. Not Much Has Really Changed In This Photo. But I Still Think It’s Neat

Gooderham Flatiron Building, Toronto (1895 vs. Today)

Torun, Poland

Ent To NYC And Had A Free Day So I Visited Some Iconic Album Cover Locations

Baroli Temples, Baroli, Rajasthan, India. Built 10th Century Ce. Sketch From 1850 And Picture From 2018

Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. 100 Years Apart

Loket, Czech Republic 1900 And 2019

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