26 People Will Prove You Hard Work Will Get You There Eventually

“Finally achieved my goal of losing 100 pounds! Such a great feeling finally, so glad I stuck with it.”

“At the age of 14, my daughter was seriously depressed. Today she graduated a year early, on the Dean’s List, with a double major.”

“My son, who was told last year that he was behind in reading, just finished his first ‘big kid book.’ All 131 pages.”

“Teenage me vs Adult me!”

“After bouncing from one entry-level gig to another, I finally convinced someone I’m better than that.”

“I drew the first picture in 2014. Today, I drew it again!”

“I made a coffee table and put a moss garden in it.”

“50 and finally got my Masters… Super stoked I am…”

“Neighbors told me they already jet-washed this bench, I kindly offered to give it another go for them.”

“It took me over 160 hours, but I finished knitting my brother’s Christmas present this morning! Just in time.”

“I never thought I’d be able to do something with my art, but I can finally say it. I’m a published illustrator!!”

“6 months and I couldn’t be prouder.”

“What a difference 6 months can make!”

“Almost 4 months since I made a big lifestyle change — couldn’t be happier and wanted to share.”

“2 years, just 10 pounds to go but I’m pretty happy with where I’m at.”

“There are 13 months between these photos.”

“Cut out fast food, added a lot more vegetables to my diet, and fell in love with hiking.”

“September 2019 vs April 2021”

“Posting for the accountability to keep it going and to show off my cute new overalls!”

“Trying on bridesmaid dresses a year apart!”

“My journey isn’t complete, but I’m so happy with my progress.”

“10 months apart”

“Still a work in progress. But the consistency is starting to pay off.”

“I’m really learning to love myself.”

“2.5 years! It’s crazy, I don’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I look at side-by-side pics!”

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