26 Scenes That Were Deleted From “Harry Potter”

And honestly, you don’t need to be a Potterhead to realize every single scene is pure gold, from Ginny grabbing Harry’s hand in Deathly Hallows to Dudley telling Harry he’s not a waste of space.

Aunt Petunia Reminds Harry She Lost A Sister

Dudley Tells Harry Potter He’s Not A Waste Of Space

Harry And Hermione Talk About Ron

Ron Tells Harry Not To Go Back To That Mirror

Ron Kind Of Apologizes To Hermione

Luna And Harry Share A Moment After Dobby Passes

Ron Teaches Hermione How To Skip Rocks

Severus Looks Into Harry’s Eyes

Ron Checking In On Harry

Pajama Murder Party In Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban


Hagrid Rides With Harry On The London Tube

Ginny Tells Some Gossip

Tonks And Lupin Embrace

Ginny Grabs Harry’s Hand

A Hint At Ron’s Feelings For Hermione

Hermione Helps Ron Study So He Doesn’t Cheat Off Of Her 

Harry Doubts Himself, But Ron And Hermione Don’t

Aunt Petunia Finds Letters In Her Eggs

Lucius Being A Frightening Father

Professor Trelawney Eats While Distracted

Close Encounter With Crabbe And Goyle

Trelawney Set-Up

Harry Says This About Sirius

Aunt Petunia Dyes Dudley’s Uniform For Harry</strong

Hermione Holds Onto Crookshanks

Snape’s Contemplative Scene

Hogwarts Hymn

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