26 Tattoos That Are Both Unconventional And Captivating

This compilation showcases a gallery of unique and intriguing body art, where creativity knows no bounds.

Finger gun

Just why would you want this on your body, forever

Sassysquatch by me, Heather Maranda, Eugene, OR

unsettling “Shronkey” tattoo

Protect your neck

I would never want this but I’m glad he got it.

Had to post this absolute beauty I spotted on holiday

Been saving this blobfish tattoo for today, so ugly it’s beautiful

Spotted this on Facebook.

Don’t have a cow, man! Or have one… permanently across your whole torso.

You guessed it

Posted to local tattoo shop’s FB. Pretty sure that’s a lower back, btw.

Yes, someone actually got this…

Reverse mermaid

Bald people tattoos be like

A healthy relationship

Not sure of incredible or terrible


Got my leg tattooed

being a tattoo artist is so funny bro like one day im tattooing a memorial piece and then the next day its this

This might be the best/worst tattoo I’ve ever seen

After 10 long hours, Sailor DeVito was born!

Found this gem while researching tattoo artists in my area


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