27 Amazing Photos Of People’s Ancestors

“My dad and his friends in front of his 1972 442 Oldsmobile that he still owns today, circa 1982”

“My parents on their wedding day — my mom was *scandalous* for wearing black to her wedding.”

“Sure wish I could be as cool as my mom was in 1987.”

“My mom ran away and joined the circus at 18.”

“My grandpa met and picked up my hitchhiking grandma in this car while traveling across the country.”

“My grandmother on a date with Elvis in the 1960s”

“My grandpa, an extra in one of the most famous movies of all time, It’s a Wonderful Life. He’s the tall gentleman in the back.”

“This is my grandpa’s cousin. She was a famous trick rider and she’s in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.”

“My dad on set directing a commercial with the famous sad clown, Emmet Kelly”

“My grandmother, mother, and me wearing the same Dirndl in 1969, 1984, and 2018”

“My 60-year-old grandma did this.”

“My grandma hanging out with Albert Einstein in his backyard”

“My great-grandfather Gene in the ’40s-’50s”

“My mom went skiing with Jason Bateman back on New Year’s Day 1987.”

“I’ve always thought my mom looked a bit like Selena.”

“My mom’s all-girl rock band in the ’60s”

“My mom, her brother, and their cousins in the early 1970s. The definition of old school cool!”

“My dad and grandfather in 1951”

“I was adopted and my biological family found me. This gem was amongst the pics I was sent: my grandmother.”

“All aboard the Swag Express.”

“Kid looks cooler than I ever have, even rocking the ’buy a few sizes bigger so he can wear it more than once’ look.”

“My uncle when he was a super edgy kid in the ’70s”

“Me in 1987, trying to be a rock star”

“My grandfather when he was 20 years old. This was in 1925 before a dance.”

“Your dad looks like he’s on his way to fight Neo from The Matrix.”

“My grandma graduating from Northwestern University in the ’50s with 2 kids and all”

“My mom sometime in the ’80s messing with my dad’s guitar”

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