27 Awesome Thrift Shop Findings

“$2.99 for this Whiting & Davis Art Deco mesh bag from the 1920s. I’m still in shock.”

“I’ve seen these in antique stores for $ 125+!”

“Until today, I didn’t know I needed an elephant planter in my life ($5.99).”

“This is a pencil sharpener. It’s about 100 years old and it only cost me $7. I’ve cleaned it and I love it.”

“Maybe it’s not very valuable, but I think this guy was happy to be with me.”

“Got this fish plate and I’m happy!”

“My tin poster for €1. Love it!”

“This is not just a chair, it’s a friend.”

“Found this little kitty at my local buy nothing group.”

“I’ve always wanted this and I found it for $19.99!”

“I got these cuties for just $2.”

“My favorite spoon rest from a second-hand store”

“Can’t explain why I’m so excited to go to my antique store job and sell china, while dressed like a crazy teapot lady.”

“Absolutely in love with this vintage spooky mug I got for $1.”

“Vintage brass pineapple, $4 garage sale find”

“I’m not much of a jewelry person but this little copper moth brooch was too unique to leave behind.”

“Found this watercolor painting for $6 at an estate sale! Can’t figure out who the artist is — but I love the theme of the painting!”

“I can’t believe my luck!! After seeing one on here, I wanted one of these stained glass turtle lamps so bad. I was just $5.”

“Saw this bear and it brought me right back to my childhood!”

“I’ve always wanted a watch wall clock and I got one for $14.”

“This dope mirror we found at a local thrift store”

“I found this Art Deco 10k white gold brooch at a thrift store yesterday. It was in a jar of ‘broken’ jewelry for $24.99.”

“This lobster plate and cheese knife were found on 2 separate thrifting trips, but they match perfectly.”

“In love with this vintage ceramic ghost I got at an estate sale!”

“$20 well spent. One of my favorite thrift finds!”

“Found this awesome lamp for $10!”

“A whale of a tale and a tale of the whale”

Bonus: “Sometimes, cool things can be free.”

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