27 Buildings That Have Been Transformed Into Something Completely Different

“This Walgreens is in an old bank”

“This old bowling alley was turned into a thrift store in Canton, OH.”

“My town’s library is under construction, so they’re using an old grocery store as the temporary library.”

“My college used to be a shopping mall”

“Court room that’s now a cafe. Cells are the toilets. St. Albans, England.”

“A former Burger King listed online as a townhouse”

“Former Hot Topic now Veterans Museum Denton, Tx”

“Domino’s used to be a KFC, Albert Lea, Minnesota”

“Old Hollister now a book store”

“The local College bought a walmart.”

“My school’s library used to be a bank”

“One of our local libraries moved into an old Marsh Supermarket”

“My local library used to be a jail”

“Taco Bell turned into Law Offices”

“Planet Fitness in a former Circuit City. Phoenix, AZ”

“White Castle turned into an Urgent Care. Mansfield, Ohio”

“The Disney Store of Inland Center [San Bernardino, CA] is now a furniture store. You can still see the outlines of the film reels around the entrance, and Mickey shapes etched onto the windows.”

“Good morning from my new neighborhood’s Trader Joe’s”

“Good morning from my new neighborhood’s Trader Joe’s”

“Good morning from my new neighborhood’s Trader Joe’s”

“Urgent care, New Britain, CT”

“Old taco bell (Hamilton, Ontario)”

“Former Pizza Hut – Now La Piñata Mexican Grill, Childersburg Alabama”

“This theater that turned into a library:”

“Dothan, Alabama. I am from there and can confirm without a doubt it was a Pizza Hut.”

“Little Caesar’s Pizza in a former Sonic Drive-In; location unknown”

“This store used to be a Target and just painted the red balls black”

Source: www.buzzfeed.com

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