27 GIFs That Will Make You Say WOW

“Leopards can stand on their back legs to see farther when there are no available vantage points to climb.”

“Fire escape system that deploys domino like”

“Speed Competition”

“This Joaquin Phoenix Joker Painting”

“Traditional Paper-making.”

“An interesting example of reinforcement learning”

“A demonstration of the power of a whale shark’s gulp, creating a vortex, sucking in all the surrounding fish and plankton and in this case breaking the surface like bathwater running down a plughole.”

“Macro video of gold ink as it dries”

“Zoetrope based on Miyazaki’s, “My Neighbor Totoro.””

“This guy’s dance moves.”

“Spectacular display of dominoes”

“Spinning LED Hologram Fan Projector Screen”

“This Fireball Cheesecake”

“Andre The Giant’s, Giant Hands”

“Beautiful Cherry blossoms in Yuchi, Taiwan”

“Nadia Comaneci wins only perfect 10 ever in gymnastics at 14 y/o (1976)”

“What if we take Luna as center of universe?”

“Staggering optical illusion”

“Colored footage from Victorian England, 1901”

“Eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano seen from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavík”

“These Optical Illusion Billboards”

“This Black Geese feeding a School of Fish”

“Cup of water added to a grease fire”

“How a boa constrictor climbs up a tree”

“Clever Girl”

“Free-handing the curves”

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