27 Memes That Make You Feel Your Age

Take a trip down memory lane with these 27 memes that make you feel your age. Perfect for a nostalgic chuckle, these pics are guaranteed to remind you just how far you’ve come.

It really wasn’t difficult, or that long ago.

“My dad just showed me this picture and said my sister and I have no idea.”

“If you watched this with a speaker hanging in your car window, you’re frickin old.”

“If you ever used one of these perpetual towel contraptions to dry your hands in the 1970s you’re probably immune to all forms of viruses and diseases now.”

“If you remember it, you have a definite opinion on this gum.”

Candy cigarettes.

“Are you this old?”

“Raise your hand if you got one and couldn’t wait to try it out, in real time.”

“This was the face of public health when I was a kid. Are you old enough to remember him?”

“I see your paddle ball and raise you a cheap airplane.”

“Did you ever browse this catalog?”

“If you can tell what this is, you might be old.”

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