27 Not So Good Wildlife Photos


-Alyssa Jean

A friend’s photo of the same possum looked so cute, but mine just turned out like this.

-Hannah Fairbairn

I’m sure y’all can think of a good caption for this pole dancing raccoon.

-Donna Keener

Cannon ball!

-David Yancey

I almost peed my pants while filming this charging rhino.

-Susan E. Smith

One minute prior, I left a sandwich unattended.

-Kristie Halverson

He went thadda way!

-Jacqui Bartlett

It’s all about timing!

-Jerry Hogan

Hey! That is for people!

-Darren McNabb

About sh#t myself feeding the pup this morning. He was safely and hilariously relocated to the garden, after eating and pooping his weight in dog food.

-Lizzy De La Rosa

Hmmmm…. That’s not the family dog.

-Steph Lockwood

Man in bird suit or cormorant?

-Dean Webber

Checked my possum box to see if it needed cleaning, but i don’t think the current occupant appreciated it very much.

-Micky Anderson

We’re currently on vacation in Colorado and I tried for an hour to capture a photo of a singing fish. This was the best I could do, but it was too windy to hear what song it was singing.

-Ray Troumbly

This celebrity lady.

-Michelle Em

Note to self – don’t leave office window open over the weekend.

-Andrew Parker

“He’s going the distance. He’s going for speed.”

-Rachel Lewis

Seems a bit dramatic to me.

-Emma Tilson

The dolphin tail is really just the mustache of the sea.

-Sarah Bourque

Throwback to when i heard a noise at my window and found this guy.

-Maya Berger

I give you the glorious manatee.

-Connie Rhodes Alaniz

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