27 Old Photographs That Are Simply Miniature Time Machines

“My Grandfather’s mugshot in 1942.”

“I don’t know who she is, this damaged, creased photo appeared on eBay for a tiny amount of money and no bidders. I figured if no one bought it, the seller might throw her away. This momentary fraction of time, and what might be the only remanent of her existence, will now be preserved and cared for.”

“My Grandmother, 1941.”

“So, this isn’t the oldest photo I have but I wanted to share it as it always gives me a smile when I see it. This is of my Great Grandfather (on the right) when he was studying art. If you look at the sign it says “models posing”.”

“1916 – My grandmother, Annabelle. never met her, she passed in the 1918 during the flu pandemic.”

“My Great-Grandmother is the woman on the right. This was taken in Yuma, Arizona sometime before her death in 1914. It’s the only photo that survived a flood.”

“Year 1904, Southern Czechia, my Great Grandmother Marie Stachova (in the middle), her mother Marie and father Vaclav, siblings Vaclav and Bozena.”

“My Great Grandparents, late 1920s.”

“Photo of my mom on her dad’s shoulder in 1925.”

“My Grandfather in a group photo. Circa late 1800s.”

“Great Great Grandparents leaving England for Australia in 1879.”

“My 3rd Great-Grandmother Lavisa, born in New York in 1830.”

“Family homestead 1923, Eagan, Minnesota. That’s My grandfather on the horse-draw farm equipment. They are harvesting onions. Family farmed here from 1870s to early 1950s. The land is now Eagan’s Central Park.”

“My Grandfather in 1915. He’s the one on top. He lied about his age to join as he was only 15.”

“1921 – My Gramgrams.”

“My Great-Grandfather Francisco from the Azores, Portugal in the late 1800s.”

“Daddio. 1950. You were so damn cool!”

“My Great, Great Grandparents James Goddard (1876-1942) and Margaret Goddard Née Millar (1877-1948).”

“My Great, Great Grandfather, Taken in the late 1800s in Northern Ireland.”

“My Grandparents knew how to have fun! That’s my grandmother with the arrow. Holland 1920s.”

“My Grandmother with her doll in 1888. I still have the doll.”

“1912, Milam, Tx. Great Grandfather with mustache (my grandfather 4th from right). Whole family had gotten new shoes, so they wanted to show them off in a photo.”

“My Dad’s Great Aunt Elizabeth. Circa 1910, Derbyshire, England.”

“My Grandmother at about 3-years-old, with her parents, Ca. 1898.”

“My Mom’s Grandfather’s dressmaker factory in downtown Cincinnati, Late 1800s/early 1900s.”

“Grandma and Grandpa.”

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