27 Old Things Still Working With Zero Problems

“1911 Ingersoll Yankee that belonged to my great (times a few) uncle. The original “dollar watch” still keeping time 110 years later”

“My great-grandmother’s antique sewing scissors. Still sharp as ever, used only for floss and thread, frequently.”

“Sterling 5 qt Ice Cream Maker (ca 1970s); inherited from grandma, still churning goodness.”

“Picking this up soon! 1950s 30” disc sander I plan to do a full break down and restoration of! Still works as it should! Cant wait! There will be a video restoration for this.”

“My 1989 Schwinn Circuit. I’ve had it since new, and it’s the only road bike I’ve ever owned”

“Cooking rice at least twice a week since 1991”

“My Jenn-Air microwave turns 37 years old this month. It is still going strong!”

“Boy Scout belt, used almost daily since 2005”

“A 39 year old fan which turns 40 tomorrow.”

“Restored my old 5th gen iPod Classic and Gameboy SP mum gave me 16 years ago when I was 13, love and miss you mum”

“Vintage Snap-On toolbox I saw at school. I guess these last as long as their tools do.”

“My boxed Sony Walkman DC2 complete with original invoice from 1987. Still working, use it in my car on occasion”

“My parents got this toaster in 1971. I grew up using it & took it with me when I left home. It’s been making toast several times a week for 50 years.”

“Old Electrolux vacuum from 1969. My grandparents still use it to this day because it still works perfectly.”

“Dudley Combination Lock: Made in Canada, used daily since 1979.”

“Peugeot Paris salt and pepper mills. So much better than those plastic grinders you get with the spices in the supermarket.”

“70s blender brought back to life! Restored with an updated newer pitcher! This thing is a beautiful beast! Loud but worth the hearing loss lol. Can we bring this type of quality back please?!”

“Technivorm Moccamaster – why it’s worth the (significant) extra cost”

“1920’s SnapOn ratchet adapter, the end is slowly twisting off but I dare say it’s had a long service life.”

“My dad’s stapler from I assume the 1970s it’s been around the house as far as I can remember.”

“Here’s the 60+ year old GE oscillating fan I inherited from my grandma. Still works perfectly”

“Seiko SSC-017 (5+ years old, been through basics training)”

“TI30XIIS: got this calculator in 6th grade. 10 years later I still use it daily for engineering homework.”

“Electrolux Model L Canister Vacuum. Last serviced in 1979, this vacuum will outlive us all.”

“I know they get posted a ton, but I found a 1977 Stanley thermos with leather carry case! Plan to have this for a long time.”

“Baby Special No. 276 by Feuerhand. A company that makes oil lamps since 1893.”

“Late 40’s early 50’s jointer! Still going strong!”

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