27 Perfect Additions To Transform Your Outdoor Space

Upgrade your backyard with these 27 can’t-miss picks. Whether you’re planning a complete makeover or just a few tweaks, these products will help you achieve the perfect outdoor ambiance.

A pack of 10 interlocking Teak tiles you can use to cover up any drab, hard surfaces. They’ll interlock evenly and you won’t even need any tools to install. It’ll add more visual excitement to you backyard space and they’re excellent for rental properties since you can just take them apart.

Or a weather-resistant cedar pathway that can be placed over any worn-down areas in your backyard, so your family and friends will have a clear path without messing up your grass any more than it already is.

A pack of 15 solar lights you can use to outline your driveway, the path to your front door, or make your backyard look more illuminating. You won’t have to use the flashlight on your phone when you have a few of these to lead the way.

A string of 27 waterproof globe lights so your outdoor gatherings can feel more welcoming to your guests. They can be hung along your roofline, on outdoor structures, or along your fence to brighten up your yard at night.

A pack of two magnetic grill lights that’ll help you see your perfectly cooked meats at night. The lights are multifunctional so they can be used when working in the garage, while camping, reading, car repairing, and more!

A hanging curved lounge chair that’ll help you reach peak relaxation. You can enjoy the shade, kick your feet up, and enjoy a little swinging action while you read a book or get some work done. Plus, it looks so cool! 

Or a 12-foot double hammock meant for two people, but you can totally enjoy it by yourself. It’ll add a cozy vibe to your backyard whether you’re lounging in the sun or stargazing. 

cosmic-themed firepit featuring moon and star cutouts that resemble the marvelous wonders you’ll find in the night sky. Roast marshmallows and make s’mores while you and your friends share spooky stories!

A wading pool for the moments when your furry friend or the neighborhood ducks need somewhere to cool off. Just open it up and add the water to use, then drain the water and fold it back into itself when you’re done.

A wall-mount swimming pool skimmer that works with your pool filter pump to keep your pool clean while saving small frogs, worms, and any other creatures that have made their way into the water. It also does a great job of clearing leaves and other debris floating in your pool.

Or, a pool vacuum to suck up the dirt, twigs, and leaves that have settled on the pool floor. It can clean for up to 90 minutes. You’ll need this before any pool party, especially if you forgot to keep your pool covered.

An outdoor heater you should have on hand if you won’t let a little drop in temperature ruin your outdoor activities. Just put a few around your patio and no one will notice how cold it’s gotten after dark. 

A portable inflatable air sofa, because lounging outside is great, but quickly becomes less great if you’re lying on the ground. Just whisk it through the air to inflate — no pump or lung capacity needed. The more air you trap in the sofa, the closer you’ll be to getting some much-needed R&R!

A splash pad to give your little ones something fun to do without them overheating. Now they can have a water park in their backyard — no more waiting in lines at the amusement park.

Or a set of four outdoor drink stakes to keep whatever you’re drinking from spilling out of the cup — especially when there’s no even surface around. Just ease it into the ground and it’ll hold bottles, soda cans, cups, and more. Now you can enjoy the outdoors without awkwardly holding your cup 24/7.

set of three planters that’ll add a touch of sophistication and decoration to your garden or patio. They’re lightweight, durable, odor-free, and easy to maintain. They even have a drainage hole in the bottom for the plant parents who always tend to overwater their plant babies.

An umbrella light to keep the party or late-night conversations going. It has three brightness settings and can easily be clamped onto your patio umbrella. Just because the sun has set, doesn’t mean that you should have to sit in pitch darkness.

An outdoor storage shed so you can effortlessly stash recycling bins, bikes, lawnmowers, and any other hefty items that live in your backyard.

projector to turn your boring backyard into the outdoor movie theater you never knew you needed! Now you can enjoy movie night a bit more, especially when it’s under the stars.

A set of solar-powered, motion sensor-activated lights so nothing and no one can go unnoticed when they step foot in your yard. Or, if taking out the trash is always a struggle because it’s too dark to see the bugs and spider webs that await you.

A flexible adjustable mister to help cool you off when the sun is literally slow roasting you. Don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying a tan, gardening, grilling, or playing outside this summer.

A standing weeder that’ll help you get rid of any weeds without bending over or using any chemicals. Anyone who has back pain and a whole lot of weeds around their property certainly needs one of these!

A set of extendable s’mores sticks you can use to safely roast your marshmallows or cook your hotdogs without getting dangerously close to the flames.

A pressure-activated cooling pad that’ll give your dog a space to ~chill out~ since they insist on doing zoomies in the blazing sun.

A set of jumbo lawn dice you can whip out when you want to move the party outside. You and your friends can play all sorts of games from Yahtzee to Farkle. The set even comes with dry-erase game boards so you can keep track of the scores.

An electric pressure washer, because the outside of your home is covered in dirt, and it’s looking kinda drab. Revive your walls, shutters, front steps, and more with high-powered water pressure so you’ll spend more time out there. 

A portable grill you’ll easily be able to move outdoors and start cooking up delicious meats and veggies. You’ll certainly need this if you love to grill, but your backyard is on the smaller side.

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