27 Photos Of People That Had The Worst Day In Their Life

“Went Into My Attic Looking For A Water Leak Coming Into My Living Room And It Appears That I’m Also In Quarantine With This Whatever Monstrosity Left This Behind. Its Soft To The Touch So I’m Assuming It’s Still Around”

“My Dog Has Locked Me Out Of The House. It Is Raining…”

“Well There Is A Water Snake Living In My Toilet Somehow”

“Person’s Apartment Is So Cold That Their Toilet’s Water Tank Froze And Broke”

“The Cat Closed The Balcony Door On Me By Standing On The Handle And Pushing It Down. I Had To Wait For Someone Who Had A Key To My Apartment To Open It Up For Me. Luckily, I Had My Phone With Me”

“Long Story Short, I Saw A Cockroach”

“I Think I Left A Window Open Last Night, Not Sure”

“So Part Of The Automated Chicken Feeding System Broke Today…”

“Woke Up To What Sounded Like Someone Trying To Kick In My Door.. Looked Out And Saw This.. Neighbors Had Just Recently Renovated The Entire House And Basement…”

“Pest Control Guy Finds A Weak Spot In My Attic (He’s Ok, And Invited To Thanksgiving)”

“Apartment Hallway In Dallas, TX Looks Like A Scene From The Titanic”

“Gravity Wins. But I Live To Trip Another Day”

“It’s So Hot In My Apartment That My Candles Are Melting”

“Bed Bugs Everywhere In The Apartment”

“Neighbors Upstairs Flooded Their Apartment”

“Just Finished Renovations In The Master Bathroom A Month Ago…”

“When Your Cabinet Decides It’s Time To Break Lose And Come Crashing Down The Day You Install Your Brand New Glass Top Stove”

“Apparently My Post Isn’t Appropriate For R/DIY So I’ll Share With Y’all. I Installed My Own Microwave Today And Saved $150 In Install Fees!”

“Make Sure You Check That Your Door Is Closed When A Blizzard Hits Overnight”

“Saw This On Fb With Someone Asking For A Contractor”

“I Think I’m Going To Need A Bigger Bucket”

“Siding On My Apartment Building Was Being Replaced, Heard A Noise, Opened My Bathroom Door To This”

“Woke Up To Noises Coming From My Bathroom Turns Out My Neighbor Tried Getting Into My Apartment Through My Medicine Cabinet”

“And The Job Went To The Lowest Bidder…”

“I Left A Platter Of Cookies On The Stove And My Dog Decided If He Couldn’t Have The Cookies, No One Could”

“The Good News, I Narrowly Avoided A House Fire Today. The Bad News, All Of The Outlets In My Basement Are Dead Now”

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