27 Things That May Infuriates You

“Got a 7 min unskippable ad.”

“Guess who f@#ked up their breakfast this morning.”

“Out of this 12x12x12 brick of neodymium magnets it put together over the course of 15 minutes ONE is missing!.”

“Thought I’d buy some coloured pens…. turns out every single one of them has blue ink.”

“What I ordered versus what I got.”

“My new laptop arrived.”

“This box of mostly sticks with some matches in it.”

“After spending half the day trying to figure out why the modem wouldn’t work, I discovered whoever built my house didn’t actually bother to connect the outlet to the wire.”

“Me: *inserts card* ATM:”

“Got a 3lb bag of Starburst to share at work, not a single red or pink.”

“Sat thru 2 light cycles at a 6-way intersection because this guy couldn’t be bothered to pull up far enough to trigger the sensor.”

“My School Served Moldy Bread Today.”

“Got new gutters installed yesterday.”

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