28 Amazing Photos

“I saw the end of a rainbow today.”

“This outdoor living room is made entirely out of bricks.”

“My third-grade picture and my grandfather at the same age”

“This old subway entrance is a working Subway entrance.”

“This cat showed up at our house 6 months ago, and I still can’t get over his eyes.”

“A naturally rose-shaped turkey tail mushroom”

“The severed and re-attached portion of his finger doesn’t prune when doing dishes.”

“A heart-shaped, tube-like tomato I found today”

“This peach blossom tree has flowers in 3 different colors.”

“This guy found a tree with thorns as big as his hand.”

“This sunset looks like a wildfire in southern Finland.”

“The shadow my shaker ball makes”

“A guy I saw fishing in his boat on a very foggy day”

“The spectrum of carrots I grew last summer”

“The way this snake wrapped itself around my friend’s hair”

“My frozen lemonade was so full, you can’t tell I removed the lid already.”

“Chess is a mandatory school subject across Armenia for every child over the age of 6”

“A photorealistic image of George Washington if he lived in the present day”

“Josh Brolin and Zoe Saldana behind the scenes of Avengers Infinity War”

“The Blackfeet Nation in Montana gifted their surplus COVID-19 vaccines (750 doses) to nearby residents in Alberta, Canada. People drove for hours and lined up for miles on the highway to be vaccinated at a mobile clinic set up at the border crossing”

“Nutmeg, the world’s oldest cat, celebrating his 31st birthday. (141 in human years)”

“Drug bust recovery”

“When you reach 100 years old in Barbados, you get a stamp in your honor”

“Assisted Living Facility Made To Look Like A Small 1940s American Town”

“Sunlight entering the inner sanctuary of Amon-Ra in the Temple of King Ramses III, Egypt”

“Picture of the surface of comet 67P”

“Unedited Photo of a nuclear reactor core”

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