28 Awesome Products To Help You Manage Your At-Home Workspace

 A super adorable animal eyeglasses holder so you don’t lose time saying “Where’d my glasses go?” a hundred times a day. Your buddy will wear them for you and keep them nice and safe.

A cool exercise ball that’ll be much better than a chair because it’ll not only help relieve back pain but can also engage your abs and core, promote good posture, and help you stretch. It’s the easiest way to work out while sitting, I daresay!

A thin electrical cover so you no longer need to deal with bulky plugs with equally bulky furniture in the way! This cover is connected to a power strip that allows you to charge up to six devices. Small but packs a mighty punch.

mini fridge you will come to highly appreciate when you’re ~in the zone~ and cannot risk a distracting trip to the kitchen. Stock your fave snacks for the day and you’ll have all you need!

A set of matching desk accessories to keep everything, and I mean everything, organized down to the T. No more losing time hunting for a pencil!

An ergonomic foot rest because it’ll help improve your posture — slouching for eight hours a day will do no wonders for your spine and less back pain means you’ll be able to work without groaning in pain.

A nonslip laptop cooling pad to help prevent your laptop from overheating so your thighs aren’t on fire right when you’re in the middle of a very important meeting.

double-sided electronics brush to keep your keyboard and laptop free of dust bunnies and breadcrumbs.

storage box for all those pesky cables, cords, and loose wires that make your room look ugly. This doubles as a charging station for your devices too (and of course, looks nice in your room)!

standing desk converter so you can effortlessly go from sitting to stretching your legs in seconds.

An ergonomic mouse pad with gel support to minimize your wrist pain!

An orthopedic pain relief seat cushion for helping with tailbone pain, sciatica, leg and lower back pain, and encouraging better posture (I know you’re guilty of slumping). It’s made with memory foam too so it’ll mold itself to the shape of your bottom!

coffee warmer you can keep on your desk so you never have to worry about your morning coffee or afternoon tea ever going cold or even lukewarm if you often get so caught up with work that you forget about it. Plus, it has auto shutoff!

cool mist humidifier that’ll freshen up the stuffy air in your work space, banish dryness, and get you that nice dewy skin while you’re hard at work!

wireless ergonomic mouse because it puts less strain on your wrist, reduces cramping, and allows you to go about your work in peace!

A small sound spa to calm you with soothing sounds like ocean waves, rain, and wind when you get fidgety from sitting for too long or to block out loud noises from annoying neighbors when you’re trying to concentrate on work. With 20 sounds and 30 volume levels, you’ll def find your sweet spot!

foot spa to keep under your desk and pamper your feet with heat bubbles. Get some relief from work stress so you can get through the rest of your work with a fresh mind!

A set of two memory foam armrest pads that’ll support your wrists and relieve tension in your elbows and forearms. Pain has no place here.

A computer document clip so you don’t have to keep looking up and down when writing down notes or reminders (AKA no more neck pain). Plus, it frees up desk space because you can just hang up the notes instead of having them scattered all about!

A memory foam lumbar pillow to help relieve back strain and get you that back support and pain relief you need.

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