28 Cool Things From Late ‘90s

Coming Attractions, which was literally a half-hour show of just movie trailers

The ’90s-meets-psychedelic design on Fruitopia vending machines

E!’s Wild On series (which kinda had softcore porn-ish vibes)

Cool boom boxes that came with removable speakers

Cookie Crook, Chip the Dog, and Cookie Cop as the mascots for Cookie Crisp cereal

McDonald’s food that came in this packaging

The Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV! VHS tape that they would show commercials for late at night

These lava lamps that you thought looked both retro and futuristic

Having a ton of blank VHS tapes with covers that looked like this

CompUSA (where everyone got their desktop PC fixed at)

The 25 AOL free-trial CDs you and your family would get every month

Pager cases that you would clip onto your belt or jean pockets

Coupons that came inside VHS movies you bought

Publishers Clearing House magazine stamps that you would use to order magazines that you then would never pay for

The weird Friends Diet Coke contest that made no sense

Watch the full commercial HERE.

The absolute trend phenomenon that was WonderBra

Ordering VHS tapes through Columbia House (which you wouldn’t pay for)

The Jar Jar Binks lollipops that basically made you French-kiss Jar Jar

David Arquette and other celebs doing commercials for collect call companies

Removable face plates for car stereos (which you had to remember to remove each time you parked your car)

Gap’s super-catchy “Everyone in…” campaign

Watch the full commercial HERE.

The envelopes you’d get your developed photos back in

The green FBI warning screen that played before Disney VHS tapes

Socially Hazardous stickers that they sold at gas stations and sticker vending machines inside Walmart

Old Navy commercials that featured the “Item of the Week”

Natural Wonders stores with their light-wood interiors and rain sticks

“Goth Talk” on SNL, which was hosted by Circe Nightshade and Azrael Abyss

Real California Cheese commercials (that featured this logo)

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