28 Photos Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Awesomeness

The Time He Put On A Costume Of Popeye The Sailor That Was Too Small For Him

The Time He Fed His Wife While She Was Nursing Their Daughter Tiana

The Time He Let His Daughter Do His Nails Professionally

The Time He Saved A Little Bird That Was Struggling To Fly

The Time He Carried His Dog Hobbs Back Home When He Was Too Tired To Walk After Going A Mile Down The Road

The Time He Was His Daughter’s Swimming Instructor

The Time He Sang To His Daughter Until She Fell Asleep

The Time He Added Two New Members To His Family: Baby French Bulldogs Brutus And Hobbs

The Time He Held A Koala

The Time He Visited The Children’s National Hospital And Met Little Kara Who Showed Him Her Blue Nail Polish

The Time He Promised To Love And Take Care Of His Daughter Jasmine For The Rest Of His Life

The Time He Had Fun Painting And Called Himself An “Uncivilized Artistic Genius”

The Time He And His Daughter Tiana Celebrated Labor Day

The Time He Met His Fan Lorenzo Whose Smile Made The Entire Gym Light Up

The Time He Let Horses Snuggle Up To Him

The Time He, His Daughter, And His Dog Lay Down On The Floor Tired Even Before Eating Their Thanksgiving Meal

The Time He Became Friends With A Beluga Whale

The Time He Dressed Up As A Dwelf While Kevin Hart Dressed Up As “Big Santa”

The Time He Let His Daughter Feed Him Her Croissant Even Though He Is On A Strict Diet

The Time 89-Year-Old Aunt Dorothy And Her Family Drove Up To Visit Them

The Time He Let His Daughter Put Her Toys In His Closet To Play With Every Morning

The Time He Let His Daughter Give Him A Manicure

The Time He Stayed Up All Night To Debut Their World Premiere Trailer Of Moana

The Time He Went Rock Climbing

The Time He Had A Friendly Chat With A Seal

The Time He Held Up A Peppa Pig Birthday Pinata For His Daughter Jasmine To Hit

The Time A Lobster Pinched His Finger

The Time He Joked That Superman Is On The Mend After Doctors Repaired 3 Hernial Tears

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