28 Photos Prove That Tire Shop Employees Have Seen Some Crazy Things

“Straight up, the person asked if it was flat”

“Almost a million miles”

“A run flat tire that was used way too long. The alignment was also out which is why the edge is so worn down”

“This is where the wheel weight goes -> This is NOT where the wheel weight goes”

“It was worn down to the very last belt package and went flat”

“Broken belt package on the side wall caused the bubbles”

“Blister on tire side wall after an impact”

“The rim was not correctly attached and was rattling while he was driving it”

“The lady said her tire looked odd…”

“Steel belt seperated causing the tire to tear open”

“The car hit a deer, there was still hair on it”

“This was the most ghetto fix ever”

“Oh look another wheel weight”

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