28 Photos Show That Data Can Be So Beautiful

“The Massive Decrease In Worldwide Infant Mortality From 1950 To 2020 Is Perhaps One Of Humanity’s Greatest Achievements”

“World Elevation Map, Including Bathymetry (Ocean Floor)”

“There Are More Cows Than People In The States Colored Blue”

“Countries With A Higher Life Expectancy Than The United States (World Health Organization 2019)”

“Digital Elevation Model Of Greece”

“This Map Shows All Of The Earthquakes With A Magnitude Greater Than 5.0 Over The Last 20 Years”

“English Alphabet Organised By Each Letter’s Note In Abc Song”

“Each Vertical Band Contains 1% Of The Earth’s Population”

“Google Searches For Different Emotions During Each Hour Of The Day And Night”

“Average Yearly Sunshine Hours Of Germany”

“Where Are The World’s Airports? This Map Shows Locations Of The Worlds Airports And Heliports”

“World Leaders By Age”

“Comparing Emissions Sources – How To Shrink Your Carbon Footprint More Effectively”

“35% Of “Entry-Level” Jobs On Linkedin Require 3+ Years Of Experience”

“Knight Moves – A Simple Table I Made Showing The Importance Of Keeping Your Knights Near The Middle Of The Chessboard”

“Where Can You Afford To Live On The Minimum Wage In The United States?”

“California Is The World’s 5th Largest Economy. Here Are The Top 5”

“Maps Showing Water Shortages During May Have Become Increasingly Extreme In California”

“Wordcloud Of Angela Merkel From Her Speeches Of Last 4 Years”

“Capitol Insurrection Arrests Per Million People By State”

“The Top 15 Countries (Apart From Sweden) In Which The People Who Currently Live In Sweden Were Born”

“If All 533 Million Compromised Facebook Accounts Were A Country”

“Yearly Road Deaths Per Million People Across The US And The EU. This Calculation Includes Drivers, Passengers, And Pedestrians Who Died In Car, Motorcycle, Bus, And Bicycle Accidents. 2018-2019 Data”

“Movies With The Greatest Difference Between Rotten Tomatoes Critic And Audience Ratings”

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