28 Photos Show That You Can Always Make Someone’s Day Special

“A local farmer’s gift to a couple from the village for their wedding”

“I found these on Amazon, so I’ve been leaving them around town. Hopefully, it’ll make someone’s day.”

“My 4-year-old nephew went to his first show tonight and got to meet the band! A big thanks goes out to Danger Kids who made this happen.”

“My wife and I are making sushi tonight for her birthday. So my sister-in-law made this amazing cake for us!”

“A Harry Potter quilt my mom made for my baby that’s so nice, the baby isn’t allowed to touch it.”

“My husband made a snowman in the kitchen for Christmas, walked in, and almost had a heart attack…”

“It’s the last day at preschool so we made a special moment to treasure outside the school doors!”

“My lovely mother wanted to crochet shoes for my future baby. I asked her to make a Gucci pair as a joke.”

“My cousin had to cancel her graduation party. I made her book-themed graduation cake extra special.”

“Prepping my man’s lunch bags (yes we’re in our thirties).”

“My husband doesn’t think I did anything for his birthday since we’re broke. Little does he know he’s got snacks and a spa night!”

“We auctioned off our beards to raise money for prostate cancer. This was the design chosen for me!”

“There is a swing made for wheelchairs at this park.”

“I wanted to make sure my girl was not alone.”

“Built a playroom for my kids.”

“I made this copper pendant for my mom.”

“Our 3-year-old twins love lists and feeling organized, so I laser-cut a to-do list for them.”

“I made a paper craft Gundam for my boyfriend.”

“I made a wooden spoon that looks like my boyfriend for Christmas.”

“Some embroidery I did for my niece.”

“I made a ring for my girlfriend! I cast it in silver and handset the entire ring myself.”

“I sculpted my boyfriend’s D&D character for his birthday.”

“A special gift for a friend of mine who loves my work but doesn’t have pierced ears — clip-ons are her favorite design.”

“A little froggy boy I made for my HR rep — I’m so excited to give it to her.”

“I made my 5-year-old daughter a giant Totoro plushie for Christmas from a free 8-inch pattern I printed at 380%.”

“I knitted a dress for my daughter as a Christmas present. I think it fits very well.”

“My handmade dresses for this mom and her daughters”

“Made a couch for my old lady cat. I think she likes it.”

Source: brightside.me

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