28 Photos That Are Actually Pretty Sweet

“These frog prints on my car this morning.”

“I chopped some wood and found a bullet!”

“A robin has nested inside an MX helmet in my shed”

An interesting alternative name…

A spherical egg.

That just looks odd.

This tree stump that looks like a sleeping dinosaur

A comically small spoiler.

A hot chocolate kitten appears.

The beams of this parking garage all have footprints on them!

A trippy cup of water.

These two Trees grow together to form a perfect two tone tree.

“I killed a mosquito and his blood filled one square in my window screen only.”

This basement office has lights behind windows to give the illusion of daylight.

Duct tape boat.

“This respectful graffiti artist used plastic wrap for an easy to clean up tag.”

“This dystopian like school where I took the SAT at.”

“Sometime in the last 40 years of producing these Stacking Rings, the colors were reversed.”

Raw bismuth (left) Crystalline bismuth (right)

“My friend’s house key is shaped like a sword.”

“In Cairns, Australia you can just buy banana’s in unmanned stands based on honesty”

Sweet shirt.

Banana car.

Broken screen protector that looks like a mountain scene.


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