28 Really Bad Designs That Will Make You Say WTF

“We Had To Stop… We Kept Mixing Up Our Pieces”

“Suppose To Say Trick Or Treat”

“I Almost Gagged When I Opened The Cabinet In My Bnb. Turns Out It Was Just The Design”

“My Son Won This As A Prize In Math Class A While Back. It Used To Say “Be A Problem Solver””

“Almost Drank From This Bottle Of Wood Polish Disguised As A Water Bottle”

“Why Do Hotel Rooms Insist On Making Me Watch My Partner Bathe? I‘m Just Glad I’m Not Sharing The Room With A Friend Or Parent…”

“We Stayed In Room 204…on The 4th Floor”

“The Dog Is Supposed Look Like It’s Running”

“This Stall Door In A Gas Station Bathroom”

“If Only There Was A Letter Resembling The Shape Of The Eiffel Tower They Could’ve Used…”

“These Garbage Bins Placed On Top Of Park Benches To Save Space”

“I Have No Idea How They Turn This Off”

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