28 Ridiculous Food Servings

“Our Environmentally Friendly Tempura Is Made With Sustainable Seafood And Vegetables, Harvested In Ways That Consider The Long-Term Well-Being Of Our Precious Land And Oceans.”“Wonderful! How’s It Served?”“On A Large Polystyrene Block.”

“Cocktail Bathtub Complete With Rubber Ducky”

“Here’s Your Beef Wellington Starter. Is There Anything Else I Can Get You?”“Tetanus Shot, Please.”

“Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?”

“The Chips Come In A Rock”

“Waiter, I Prefer My Pie To Be At Least 9 Inches Off The Table”

“This Is A Take Out Dish – Diners Were Instructed To Plate Like This At Home. Part Of A $115 Tasting Menu”

“Turns Out The Best Plates Are At Arm’s Reach”

“Espresso… To Go”

“Please Take A Charcuterie And Have A Seat”

“This? Oh, It’s Just An Orthodontic Mould Of The Restaurant-Owner’s Mouth From Barcelona”

“Gravy In A Urinal”

“Repeat After Me, Hub Caps Are Not Plates”

“My Cocktail Was Caged Because What If It Flies Away”

“Found On Yelp & Now I Don’t Want To Stay At This Hotel Anymore”

“Chocolate “Horse Turd” Truffles On A Manure Fork. Just No”

“Full Breakfast In A Jar”

“Beignets Growing On A Tree”

“Syphon Tower Of Onion Rings”

“My Cocktail Came In A Box”

“Fish And Chips On Paper”

“Charcoal Waffle Eggs Benedict On A Shovel In Barcelona”

“This Is Not How I Want My Biriyani To Be Served!”

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