28 Shower Thoughts That Are Really Weird

“People who overthink often assume everyone is as smart as they are.”

“You either come to realise what an idiot you used to be, or you remain as that idiot”

“There must be a set number of videos someone has to make before it’s no longer considered amateur porn.”

“We really take it for granted that we don’t have to worry about predators.”

“The person who came up with marriage must have been real clingy.”

“Oddly, no mater how scientifically advanced the universe is in sci-fi, there’s always someone wearing prescription glasses.”

“Imitation crab is seafood hotdogs”

“Beating a dead horse is a lot more humane than beating a live one.”

“It’s funny how we’ll spend hours scrolling through social media, but get impatient if a video takes more than a few seconds to load.”

“You only need to experience food poisonings once to be careful of what you’ll eat for the rest of your life”

“It’s funny how the sound of our alarm clock can instantly put us in a bad mood, no matter when we hear it, even if it’s the middle of the day.”

“Bowling balls are almost always illustrated or painted as black, but in the bowling alleys, they’re always glittery and seldom black.”

“At some point in the future, you will be the next person on Earth to die”

“You never really know when you hit middle age”

“Life has no actual rules.”

“There’s no good reason why socks need to be matched”

“An honest enemy is better than a deceitful friend.”

“No one has ever discovered an animal with the perfect camouflage”

“We make fun of dogs for licking each other but we lick people we really like too”

“One of the signs a pet isn’t doing well, is when they stop grooming themselves. One of the signs a person isn’t doing well is when they struggle with self care.”

“It is far more common to look like you peed your pants than having actually peed your pants”

“Moving the contents of an entire house to another typically either costs pizza and beer, or thousands of dollars.”

“You never really notice how much sound dampening your furniture does until you move”

“Mirrors basically have speed of light refresh rate.”

“The Beatles started their careers playing in a basement and ended them playing on the roof.”

“At some point in your life you went from being measured in length to measured in height.”

“It’s more acceptable to wear 0 shoes than 1 shoe”

“1999 and 2003 are 4 years apart but entirely different worlds”

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