28 Things That Caught People’s Attention And They Just Had To Tell Everyone

A collection of unique and uncommon things that people have witnessed and felt compelled to share.

“A Gallery Owner Was Arrested After Leaving A 10-Foot Heroin Spoon Sculpture Outside Oxycontin Maker Purdue Pharma”

“Three Socioeconomic Classes In The Philippines”

“Cheerfully Snipping Some Plastic Soda Packaging To ~save The Turtles~ And Realizing I Fully Expect This To End Up In The Ocean”

“Nike Sending Plastic They’ve Taken From The Environment To Show They Care About The Planet. Wrapped In Plastic”

“Passenger Photo While Plane Flew Near East Palestine, Ohio … Chemical Fire After Train Derailed”

“Huangjuewan Interchange”

“McDonald’s In The 1980s Compared To Today”

“Mumbai, India. The Divide Between The Richest People In India vs. One Of The Poorest. Extreme Wealth Inequality On Display”

“Middle Class Neighborhood In Dubai, UAE”

“My Wage Cage. Nature Is Begging Me To Leave!

“This Old Toys R Us Is Now A Gun Store”

“Local Supermarket Has Started To Put A Protective Barrier Around The Employees Whilst They Put The Reduced Food Out On The Shelves. Out Of Shot Is A Horde Of Eager Pensioners Ready To Pounce”

“£2100 Per Month For This Airbnb In Central London”

“It Will Cost An Extra $50 To Use The Fridge In My Hotel Suite”

“Sacred Advertising”

“This Packaging Uses An Optical Illusion To Make The Vegetables Look More Green”

“We Steal Your Water And Sell It Back To You”

“Paid Toilets With Ad Displays Instead Of Mirrors”

“When A Billboard Is More Important Than A View. A New Way To Crush The Souls Of Office Workers”

Source: www.reddit.com

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