28 Things That Millenials Will Remember

Running out of the car to drop a movie through this:

Sliding down down this exact slide:

Those blocks that just magically appeared in classrooms:

That field trip air:

The tiny, tiny T9 struggle:

The magical power of a good HAW HAW:

The start of everyone’s lying:

That one ball:

The two best times to fall asleep as a kid:

These tongue destroyers:

The promised land:

Running your hand through these counters:

That loud CRACK:

The holy quadrilogy:

Late nights in the back of a car with the Gameboy:

Getting nailed in the nose with one of these:

These cups just magically appearing everywhere:

These plates improving the taste of food tenfold:

These ferocious hand puppets:

Opening a textbook marveling at those that came before you:

So many free CDs:

The intense minty-ness:

The alpha and the omega of fruit snacks:

That mystical “ball room” in the back of every elementary school gym:

Becoming Field Day champion:

The original engagement ring:

Getting hypnotized by this:

This. Just, this:

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