28 Things You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

“A swing made from a carbon fiber hydrofoil that was no longer needed”

“It was snowing today. But instead of snowflakes, there were snow sticks.”

“This hard-boiled egg with a double yolk looks like little buttocks.”

“This plant that formed its roots to this vase”

“I found a 5-leaf clover.”

“My Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone fore-edge painted book, featuring a secret Platform 9 3/4 scene on the edges of the pages!”

“The Melting House at Gare du Nord, Paris”

“This chemistry book from 1897 lists elements as a list rather than in a periodic table because that had yet to be popularized.”

“My Nutty Buddy has 459 written into it.”

“The color gradient of this blood orange”

“That lonely rectangular cloud”

“This old house in Germany has a different number of floors on the left and right side.”

“The way these sardines are packaged with a transparent lid”

“A woman used 13,000 pennies to renovate an old floor.”

“This fruit candy machine has only banana.”

“These 2 colors seem to come out of opposite tubes.”

“An old barn covered in poison ivy during an ice storm”

“A very long escalator at the subway station in Chongqing, China”

“My giant mini penne”

“This elevator has no floor numbers, but height in meters above ground level.”

“I mixed 2 types of shower gel.”

Source: brightside.me

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