28 Unique Metal Detectors Treasures

A little silver coin spilling on a battlefield 1600’s A.D.

It was a British 1939-1945 star! In excellent condition.

Dug this brilliant British Penny the other day. After using andres pencils it looks amazing for being in the ground for over 100 years!

Found this brooch today, I’m guessing it’s Victorian. I think the stones are amber and it looks like it used to be gold plated.

All my silver rings found in 2019, dated from 1900 to 2019.

WW2 relics still everywhere in German forests.

1911 Ford grease cap when they had wooden wheels.

Two months (DEC-JAN) worth of saves! Love this hobby!

Found my first toy car, first bell, and a couple other cool finds on my parents property that dates back to the early 1900s. Cant wait to put more holes in their backyard!

Found this Roman coin today. Obverse cleaning in progress.

Okay. Now that I’ve stopped screaming “HOLY S*** HOLY S*** HOLY S***” I can actually post this. I just found this absolute stunner out the back of a supermarket in Scotland with a Garret Ace 150. Ran home to clean it detector in hand lol.

FLYING HARD ON!!! Crazy, I kid you not!

Dug half of a colonial shoe buckle today, great part is I dug the other half 2 years ago.

Roman snake motif ring – Favorite find I’ve ever made (southern France).

Taiwanese 1955 Jiao. This is what I love about metal detecting! How did this coin end up buried in the soil at an 1800s plantation home in rural Tennessee?

Thought it was junk first but figured out with a bit of research that it was a silver plated spur from the 17th/18th century or even older.

Baseball field turned up this class ring last summer and was able to return it.

This beauty was buried underground 450 years ago! Found in the Netherlands.

My Father passed away recently and this is his prized metal detecting find. Found in SE Oklahoma. I would love to have more information on this. I can’t find anything remotely similar to it anywhere online. There is also what looks to be an “1872” on the back.

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