29 Coincidences That Never Fail To Surprise Us

“Baby bird in the mouth of a wolf statue at my university”

“This rat snake has a mouse pattern on its head.”

“My dog yawned at the exact moment I took a photo of him in front of the graffiti that looks like him.”

“A bird has made a nest in my front door wreath!”

“I found my doppelgänger on a thrifted T-Shirt, 2,700 miles away!”

“I found my doppelgänger on a thrifted T-Shirt, 2,700 miles away!”

“2 ducks standing on a submerged log looks like they’re standing on the surface of the water.”

“Outhouse at the end of a rainbow”

“A cicada on my cicada tattoo”

“Found this prehistoric beast under my dishrag.”

“My puppy kinda looks like this mug my parents have had for almost 20 years.”

“I took a shower and my phone was with me, the water drops formed a tree on the back of my phone.”

“The butterfly hat I bought today attracted an actual butterfly.”

“This seedling that grew out of my sponge”

“One of my leopard tortoise’s scutes looks like a heart.”

“The glitter on this cosmetic bag and nail polish match perfectly.”

“I realized that I bought the exact same buttons that my grandma bought over 35 years ago for me.”

“The number I took was the same from the advertisement.”

“Just realized my new water bottle matches my new book.”

“Dad gave me this agate that matches my nails perfectly.”

“Unintentionally, my mushroom risotto matches my countertop.”

“These cupcake papers match my sister.”

“My cardigan matches my grandma’s couch almost exactly.”

“My drink matches my wall and fake plant.”

“My smoothie this morning matched my sweater.”

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