29 Examples How Not To Serve Food

“Friend Of A Friend’s “Curry On A Tile”. My Dog Was That Sick Once”

“Presenting, 4 Chip On A Rock”

“I’m A Hairstylist And By Law Cannot Use Wood Handled Brushes Because They “Can’t Be Sanitized”, But I Can Legally Be Served Food On Wood”

“I Love It When You Call Me Señormeata”

“The Cream Sauce Is Already Running Off The Sides, Can’t Wait For The Gravy To Go Everywhere As Well!”

“Upscale Restaurant – Serves Cocktail In An Old Soup Can. Why?”

“From A Local Restauraunt. A Massive Breakfast Challenge On A Garbage Can Lid”

“Onion Ring Tower At Red Robin, Comes With Complimentary Paint Chips”

“Nachos Are Messy Enough On A Real Plate. This Atrocity Was At Topgolf”

“Tonight’s Special… An $8 Avocado Half With Salt Labeled As “Guacamole””

“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream Because Things Are Now Starting To Melt Onto The Table”

“The Chopping Board Isn’t Even Big Enough To Stop The Food From Touching The Table!”

Source: old.reddit.com

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