29 Facts To Lift You Up

During the Second World War, a Muslim man owned a mosque in Paris. After France got captured by the Germans, the french Jews were being killed. The Muslim man offered every Jew he could find shelter in his mosque and handed out fake Muslim certificates so they wouldn’t be questioned. He saved over 400 lives. No ones your enemy, except for the ones you make yourself believe are.

Swedish blood donors receive a text whenever their blood is used to help someone.

Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for insisting on going to school, recently completed her final exams in the University of Oxford.

Elephants think you’re cute just like humans think dogs and cats are cute.

In Switzerland, it is Illegal to own just one guinea pig because they are very social animals. Its considered animal abuse to only have one.

“My boyfriend has a panic and anxiety disorder. Whenever he gets a panic attack, one of our cats will sit on him and purr loudly. It always comforts him and calms him down. We always joke that she is our little support animal.

She is very attuned to our emotions and feelings. When my grandmother passed away and I was very sad, she would not leave me alone. She would just sit next to me in silence or occasionally let out a small mrew to inform me she was still there.

So, as conclusion, even if you are having a s**t day, your pet still loves you.”

It’s highly likely your pet dreams of you in their sleep

All of the cardigans Mister Rogers wore on camera were knit by his mother.

The word for ‘penguin’ in Mandarin translates to ‘business goose’.

The voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got married in real life.

Van Gogh didn’t start painting until his late twenties. JK Rowling didn’t publish Harry Potter until her late thirties. Samuel L Jackson didn’t get his first big role until his 40s.

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

Scientists have discovered that rats LOVE playing hide and seek and squeal with joy when finding/being found.

Otters hold each others hands when they sleep so their mate won’t drift away.

Cows have best friends.

My country is pushing for a series of laws that would make “ecocide” (the destruction of the ecosystem) a punishable crime.

I’m 19 weeks pregnant today, so my miscarriage rate has dropped to 0.1%.After undergoing 6 rounds of infertility treatments and 2 miscarriages, this stat is very comforting to me!

There’s a volunteer organization called ‘No One Dies Alone’. You’re at Sacred Hearts medical center, you’re terminal, you need a companion. From someone to talk to, or just someone to hold our hand. They’ll make sure someone will be there for you.

Other hospitals have this too.

Dogs make cute little sneezing sounds to tell you they are playing and not fighting.

Given all the atoms in the universe are recycled in various ways (having formed in the first stars), our entire body has already experienced billions of years of each atoms own personal history. Even more comforting, it’s plausible those atoms will eventually become part of someone else in the future and will continue to exist in various forms – transforming continuously – until the end of time itself. So in a way, we’re connected to something absolutely eternal and our ultimate fate is to be spread across the stars. Hell, depending how deep you want to get, there’s also a tiny, tiny chance that your pattern of DNA will form entirely by chance again, creating someone that is biologically you but with a whole new memory, experiences and history. Basically, everyone and everything is connected. The best part? None of this is based on religion or wishful thinking, it’s actual established and current scientific fact.

Cheetahs are very shy animals. So some zoos give them support dogs like those for humans. Its the cutest thing ever.

Scientists, earlier this year, made a massive breakthrough in curing blindness, like verging a cure. It was masked by the virus headlines though.

Jupiter gravitational mass is so immense modern science believe it’s been protecting us from meteors for millions of years.

Crows and ravens love to play in snow. One of their favorite activities is rolling hills.

Liechtenstein once deployed 80 men for protecting the border against Austria. Despite their worries, they saw exactly zero combat.When they called it a day they returned home – with 81 men. Because an Italian bloke bumped into them and wanted to come live in Liechtenstein.They literally made a friend on the way.

Since animals have evolved next to human for thousands of years, they have learned to show their feeling towards us; Dogs will wag their tag, lick you, step on your feet, press their body against your legs, lay on you, etc, all in effort to show affection and be as close as physically possible to you. Cats make eye contact and slowly blink at you to say ‘i am comfortable, I am pleased’, they headbutt you as their form of a hug, they groom you as they would a kitten to care for you, they rub their scent on you to say ‘this is my human, all mine’ and it reassures them of your bond. Cows will also groom you, and enjoy being pet as it is relexing and they truly trust you. Also elephants get excited and happy looking at humans because we are to them as dogs are to us- they think we’re cute, and want to play and pet us.

Goldfish can recognize their owners.

In dog/wolf movies where they use real life dog actors, the people who have to edit all that sometimes have to add cgi tails because their dogs can’t stop wagging their tail as they are so happy.

Bees take naps in flowers! so yeah, it’s okay to need a nap, even busy bees do.

Some fish like to be pet

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