29 GIFs That Will Make You Say ‘WOW’

“A Redfaced Batfish”

“And I was using wood which breaks down over time”

“The way this snail moves.”

“World’s largest salt flat (Uyuni, Bolivia)”

“Anodizing a titanium piercing”

“Pickpocket bird”

“Deer and Cherry blossoms in Nara Park, Japan”

“When a star meets a black hole”

“Sign language interpreter at a metal concert”

“Tumbleweed tornado”

“Crocodiles can gallop but not Alligators, caimans, or gharials only crocodiles.”

“This kinetic installation”

“Harvesting pistachios”

“A 10-foot-tall, 5-ton moai replica “walks” as three teams maneuver strong ropes. Archaeologists led the experiment to test their theory about how the ancient Easter Island statues moved.”

“Paramotoring over the Giza Necropolis”

“Surgeons practicing with origami”

“Massive Ice Berg floating past a village in Greenland”

“This Is Amazing”

“Players noticed that the roof Was about to fall down In a hockey game”

“Volcano Eruption From Space As Seen From The ISS”

“One hour of all active satellites in orbit as of October 2020 (sped up by 240x)”

“Walking on Lake Baikal”

“This Magnificent Iridescent Polkadoted Python”

“This design allows kids to play see saw from either side of the border”

“Blowing bubbles in the dark with flash on”

“Drawing with lasers in real-time”

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