29 Individuals With Great Senses of Humor

“My boyfriend as a baby, and now at 24”

“A spare tire I saw on my way to work”

“My last chemo appointment is tomorrow, so my wife made a cake for the oncology staff.”

“My daughter (9) offered to use her newly acquired photo editing skills to smooth out her brother’s acne in a picture.”

“I was afraid my weight was too high, but it’s not. It’s ’boss.’”

“My girlfriend is a hairdresser. She ’accidentally’ left this waiting for me.”

“When life gives you a chipped nail, make cookie art.”

“My son just got this shirt as a gift. So far, he likes the reactions he’s getting.”

“A benefit of being a little person is you can drive your daughter around in her Barbie Jeep when she’s had too much juice.”

“I got a pair of circle rim shades, but my girlfriend didn’t like them. So I gave them to my grandmother, and then all her friends bought matching pairs.”

“Now they look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of the year.”

“I enjoyed my daughter’s first Disney ride more than she did.”

“My son started to cry when he saw Santa, so I decided it’d be a good idea if we all joined too.”

“My wife believes she is a better driver, so I let our dog decide.”

“Losing hair from chemo makes selfie thumb powers skyrocket.”

“Parked my truck next to this car today.”

“I wore this custom shirt while my wife was in labor.”

“My wife asked for a Coach bag for her birthday. Let’s just say she’s pretty happy today.”

“What my dad lacks in legs, he makes up for with good humor!”

“Mom asked for some recent pictures of us for her new house. Naturally, I delivered.”

“My wife said, ’Don’t move,’ then snapped this pic of me.”

“My wife wasn’t sure what to spend our arcade tickets on. I made an executive decision.”

“Lemon bars to celebrate a vasectomy”

“At 6’7”, this is how I fit into a brand new Corvette. The salesman laughed so hard and snapped this pic.”

“I have a long-standing battle with my buddy for the most ridiculous photo ID. My wife suggested I wear my mother’s hot pink bathrobe for my new driver’s license, so I did.”

“I come into the living room to see my wife in her wedding dress… watching the royal wedding.”

“This guy made me laugh so hard!”

“For a brief moment, I thought my dad had given me an amazing present.”

“I asked my dad what I should get for my next tattoo. He was not impressed.”

“Peter Pan and his shadow, played by my nieces. One of them had to be the shadow. She’s so proud back there.”

Source: brightside.me

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