29 People Shared Their Outstanding Achievements

“Amir Tataloo, the Iranian singer’s transformation in 6 years”

“Face profile progress (11 months)”

“320 lb to 180 lb, 2018-2022”

“Before/after — finally got up the courage to go short!”

“What my hair looked like before I grew it out”

“I’m older and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my mid-twenties. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have a kid. My baby girl arrived today!”

“After a terrible breakup, a city move, and a job change, this year I told myself I was going to run a half-marathon. I did a 2:07.”

“After nearly 2 years of feeling severely depressed, I’ve finally been getting my life back in order and can say I feel much better!”

“I’m happy to see my grandmother after she survived a stroke.”

“My life has changed so dramatically, I could cry tears of joy.”

“From a proposal to a wedding — had to lose that ’working from home’ body for our big day!”

“Entirely changed my health and lifestyle. Crazy to see how far I’ve come!”

“I got married on Saturday and haven’t stopped smiling since! This is my favorite picture I’ve gotten back so far — my dad and me.”

“I finally graduated today after failing once before due to depression.”

“I’ve been dealing with severe agoraphobia and an intense fear of hospitals for over a year. Today, I went to the hospital to meet my newborn nephew.”

“My little brother walking in his prosthetics for the first time!”

“I have been lurking here for years thinking I could never do this, but I did!”

“8-year glow-up! Finally embracing my natural color and curls.”

“8 years, an expander, teeth removal, braces, and double jaw surgery later…”

“My son had eye surgery to fix his crossed eyes. The result turned out amazingly.”

“I had jaw surgery and it changed my life as well.”

“My friend ran 3 miles a day for 2 years and lost 140 lb. He now attends his dream university and has so much more confidence.”

“Finally embracing my curls after straightening my hair for 16 years!”

“After growing my hair out for nearly 3 years, I finally decided to cut and donate it this month.”

“My KYBELLA success story!”

“I’M SORRY BUT WHO IS SHE?!! Before vs 6 weeks after DJS!”

Source: brightside.me

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