Friday , 20 September 2019

29 People Show Off Their Unique Genetics


A condition called ‘trigger finger’ caused this woman’s thumb to become immobile. As such, it never developed any wrinkles.

The veins on this baby’s head make the number 2.

Macrodactyly causes the pinky to become the largest finger

Baby born with six toes.

Mother and daughter born with identical white spot on hair.

“My dad has 6 fingers on each hand. He uses 2 fingers to flip someone off.”

A thumb from each parent

Two-toned irises

A person born with macular pucker — a condition that causes scar tissue to develop on the eye.

‘Mirror-Hand Syndrome’

Symmetrical hair whorls

Dual-colored eyes AKA sectoral heterochromia

‘Webbed toes’

Plica frimbriata causes what appear to be tentacles under the tongue.

Extra toes and a coworker missing one.

This boy was born with a depressed bridge in his nose.

We all get wrinkly hands after being in water for a while. But this person has exceptionally pruney hands. Scientists believe this is a mutation designed to help our ancestors pick berries — the wrinkles added traction that made it easier to pick wet berries without them slipping. This person likely had ancient ancestors that lived in a area rich with edible berries.

Anisocoria causes different pupils.

This man has Vitilgo, which causes the skin pigment to change color, on half of his body.

Missing fingernail

Bodybuilder and model Ia Östergren has abnormally long legs. She’s 5’8″ and her legs are 3’5″

Circulation irregularities cause this man’s one finger to turn pale when his hands are cold.

This baby was born with Stahl’s ear, or as some like to call it, ‘Spock’s ear.’

This man lost his eye and got a steampunk-esque prosthetic.

Proteus Syndrome is a rare condition that causes overgrowth of the bones and tissue.

This person has only four fingers on their left hand, and instead of a thumb, it’s an index finger

Half-faced freckles

This man had the tip of his index finger cut off when he was ten years old. Then his child was born with a short index finger. Is it possible he passed the abnormality to his son through his genes?

Double-jointed hands.


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