29 People That Quit Their Jobs With Some Style

“My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast”

“My Boss Volunteered Me For A Golf Event That I Hated Every Second Of, So I Gave Her A Golf Themed Resignation Letter”

“Throwback To 2018 When I Quit My Job Of 8 Years By Leaving This On My Boss’s Desk”

“I Think Lena Quit Her Job Today”

“This Is Not The End. It’s Only The “&””

“Quitting My Job Today. Leaving This As My Out Of Office Message”

“Just Went In And Quit, But Not Without Super Gluing A Few Of These To Walls By The Time Clocks”

“My Favorite Way I’ve Quit A Job (Copywriter)”

“Quit My Job Where The Owners Use And Abuse Me, My Hard Work, And My Kindness. I Had To Beg Them For A $1 Raise After 1.5 Years”

“My second job offered me a $3 raise after two weeks because they were so impressed with my performance. So long.”

“After Successfully Opening His Own Business, My Best Friend Quit His Corporate Job After 18 Years And Left This For Them To Remember Him By”

“I Quit My Job Today But Left Them Something To Remember Me By. Inspired By Another Post From A Few Months Ago”

“So I Quit My Job And I Just Took This Into Work”

Credits:  www.boredpanda.com

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