29 Photos Prove That Age Does Not Matter

“My friends grandmother being jet ski’d out of her living room in Houston”


“My cousin sent me a photo of my 90 y/o grandmother playing beer bong.”


“My Great-Grandmother, born in 1899, never met her, but definitely a legend.”


“My friend posted a picture of her grandparents on Thanksgiving, it definitely needed more exposure. Cheers to being this cool when I’m old.”


“My grandfather at his retirement party in 1986.”


“My beautiful Grandma doing the splits after her 80th birthday party last night.”


“My grandfather is hitting 90-years-old this winter but was psyched to try my BMX bike!”


“What my 80 year old grandmother did when told to ‘dress up as a ninja’.”


“Today, my 73 year old Grandma finally graduates High School.”


“My 90 year old grandma just ran…not walked, RAN…her first 5k!”


“My grandma died. In her life, she was kidnapped by gypsys, shouted at ghosts, and owned a bar for 20 years. Her last words to me before I moved out west were: “Whatever you do, don’t marry an eskimo.””


“Birthday present from my grandma. She gets it, man.”


“74-year-old grandpa doing some BBQ, enjoying life.”


“My 96-year-old grandma playing VR for the first time. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!”


“My 76-year-old grandpa dressed up as Elton John for Halloween. My grandma said it was the first time she put rouge and an earring on her husband.”


“The moment you realize Grandpa has been practicing Pokemon cards and kind of knows his s@#t.”


“This is my grandma and her 3rd weather book. She has recorded the weather every day where she lives for 30 years and is filling out the last year of the 3rd book. Not sure if it counts, but it counts in my eyes.”


“I got a pair of circle rim shades but my girlfriend didn’t like them. So I gave them to my grandmother and then all her friends bought matching pairs. Now they look like they’re about to drop the hottest album of 2017.”


“My grandmother turned 100 last Oct., this is her doing the plank for 30 seconds.”


“This 86 year old man challenged me to a pole dancing contest while at happy hour, he won.”


“My grandpa showing us the place he lived as a child in google earth VR, telling us stories of all the buildings and areas.”


“Get it granny.”


“Yesterday I took my Grandmother on her first bike ride in 59 years, I need a new word for awesome.”


“I went skydiving with my 83 year old grandpa today!”


“My 87-year-old Grandpa learned how to scuba dive in the past year so he could visit the shipwrecks in Palau (he’s a huge WWII history buff) and posed with his local newspaper. I’m so proud of him!”


“My Grandfather punching Muhammed Ali in the jaw.”



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