29 Photos Prove That Time Spares Nothing

“Stanley fatmax of 4 years versus brand new.”

“My husband’s decade old computer chair VS new one the same model I am surprising him with tonight.”

“Floor near the rudder pedals on a Boeing 767, built in 1989.”

“2 years old, one on game days, one (almost) every day.”

“My house was built in 1886. This is the banister and handrail compared to the original dark stain.”

“5 month old Thorogoods vs some newski Thorogoods.”

“Seen at the local zoo. Can you guess which city?”

“I changed out the wraps on my handlebars.”

“The gold colored areas are the most touched. That means a lot of people loved petting that dog!”

“Replaced the only bottle opener I own after something like six years.”

“Pizza box shelf.”

“6 years going strong for Eazy-E.”

“The jammed wheels of this mop bucket at my work.”

“My favorite shirt. Purchased August 2019. It looked slightly worn but I didn’t realize how faded and thin it was until I bought a second one.”

“225 year old pine floor that’s never been commercially sanded.”

“Her favorite scratcher and it’s new replacement.”

“A coworker’s knife after 3 years of cutting insulation.”

“Apple leather iPhone case after two years of daily use.”

“The wall after countless swipes with key cards.”

“First few inches of a tape measure vs the last few inches.”

“Stairs at the Alchemy Museum in Prague, supposedly the oldest wooden stairs in the city.”

“6 years later (same table, same wallet).”

“This spot above a door frame in my great grandma’s house has had the same decoration on it for nearly 40 years. My grandad took it off and found this.”

“My welding gloves after about 3 yrs off and on again usage vs. new ones.”

“My silver wedding ring, current vs purchased 3 years ago.”

“A dripping sink faucet has worn a hole clean through the strainer.”

“My favourite book, A Clockwork Orange, new vs 6 year old copy.”

“My grandpa’s table after about 50 years of sliding dominos, plates, bowls, drinks, and cards across it.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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