29 Photos Show That Hard Problems Need Creative Solutions

“When you use an old computer mouse to pull the flush on the toilet.”

“Didn’t have a 9v but had 2 AAA and some aluminum foil.”

“Shop towel dispenser, snug fit”

“A pair of winter boots and some tape”

“A mason jar light cover”

“When you’re too lazy to paddle”

“The coffee pot handle broke off at the top. Zip ties to the rescue!”

“’’Smart’’ transportation”

’’My solution to the heatwave’’

’’My village’s new solution to stop speeding’’

’’Someone messed up my nephew’s haircut and this was my sister’s most logical solution to fix it.’’

’’My dad needed to study.’’

“When you absolutely want a Limo but can’t afford it:”

’’My new solution for chopping onions’’

“A mailbox and a ’’box for mail’’”

’’My solution to my contacts arriving late’’

’’My buddy’s old homemade chopper’’

’’Why spend $100 on a monitor stand when you can use 3 sticks of hot glue.’’

’’My son wanted to play hide-and-seek. He might go pro.’’

Source: brightside.me

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