29 Photos Show That Russia Can Get Pretty Cold Place

“This is Siberia, baby!”

“Lake Baikal, Siberia , Russia”

“When you try hanging your clothes to dry at -40C”

“Terrifyingly beautiful -37C”

“Finally, my favorite frosts came to Siberia. Just right after heavy snowfall. This is the kind of winter I love, though you can’t walk for a long time. The city is empty, although the New Year is on the nose. Probably because not every car will start in this cold….During these two days a dense frosty fog lay over the city. The temperature dropped to -42 degrees. See how it looks from above.”

“-42 °C at Novosibirsk”

“Walking the dog in -43C weather, such a pleasure”

“-42 °C at Novosibirsk”

“-42 °C at Novosibirsk”

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