29 Real-Life Age Differences Of Actors In Movies

Wesley Was Already 27 When He Was Cast As Stefan In “The Vampire Diaries.” Stefan’s Mother, Also A Vampire, Is Played By Annie Wersching, Who Is Only Six Years Older Than Wesley

Winona Ryder Is Only Six Years Older Than Zachary Quinto, And She Played His Mother In The 2009 Star Trek

In Mean Girls, Amy Poehler Is Only Seven Years Older Than Her Daughter, Rachel Mcadams

The Actors Who Played Father And Son In “Blue Bloods”, Tom Selleck And Len Cariou, Have An Age Difference Of Just Six Years

In Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Cher Played Meryl Streep’s Mom Even Though She Was Only Three Years Older Than Her Co-Star

Sally Field Was Tom Hanks’s Mom In Forrest Gump. However, She’s Just 10 Years Older Than Him, And Even Played His Love Interest In Punchline A Few Years Earlier

“Flicka’s” Main Character, Katy, Is Supposed To Be A Teenager. But The Actress, Alison Lohman, Was 27 At The Time, Making Her Just 13 Years Younger Than Her Movie Dad, Played By Tim Mcgraw

In Jane The Virgin, Andrea Navedo Is Only Seven Years Older Than Her Daughter, Gina Rodriguez

Father And Son In Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan And Jensen Ackles, Were Born Just 12 Years Apart

Angelina Jolie Was Colin Farrell’s Mom In Alexander, But In Reality They’re Only A Year Apart

Elizabeth Rodriguez And Dascha Polanco Played Mother And Daughter In Orange Is The New Black, But In Real Life There’s Less Than A Two-Year Age Gap Between Them

Constance Marie Is Only Four Years Older Than Jennifer Lopez But She Played Her Mother In Selena

In Brokeback Mountain, The Age Difference Between Heath Ledger And Kate Mara Playing Father And Daughter Was Just Four Years

Bryce Dallas Howard Played Taron Egerton’s Mom In Rocketman, But There’s Only An Eight-Year Difference Between Them

In Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, The Age Difference Between Sean Connery And Harrison Ford Is 12 Years

Johnny Depp Is Five Years Older Than His Movie Mom In “Blow”, Rachel Griffiths

Cuba Gooding Jr. And Laurence Fishburne In ‘Boyz N The Hood’

In Six Feet Under, Frances Conroy And Peter Krause Play Mother And Son, But They’re Only Separated By 12 Years

Mother And Son: Julia Roberts & Ryan Reynolds In Fireflies In The Garden

In Blue Bloods, Len Cariou Plays Tom Selleck’s Father, Even Though There Is Only A Six-Year Difference In Age, With Cariou Being 81 And Selleck Being 75

Daughter And Mother: Janet Hubert And Karyn Parsons In The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Father And Son: John Noble And Sean Bean In The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King

When She Starred In This Is Us, Mandy Moore (36) Was Younger Than All Of The Actors Who Played Her Children

Mother And Son: Mary Steenburgen & Will Ferrell In Step Brothers

Lorne Greene Was Only Seven Years Older Than Ava Gardner, Who Played His Daughter In This 1974 Disaster Film

Michael J. Fox And Lea Thompson Are The Same Age — Even Though Fox’s Character In “Back To The Future” Is Thompson’s Son. Her Older Look Was Achieved With Facial Prosthetics

In Prodigal Son, Bellamy Young (50) And Michael Sheen (51) Are Only 12 And 13 Years Older Than Tom Payne (38), Who Plays Their Son

In “Footloose,” The Stodgy Town Reverend, Played By John Lithgow, Is Only 12 Years Older Than His Fictional Daughter, Played By Lori Singer

In The 2019 Film “Glass,” Charlayne Woodard Plays The Mother Of Samuel L. Jackson’s Character, Elijah (Aka Mr. Glass). The Only Problem Is That, At 66, She’s Five Years Younger Than 71-Year-Old Jackson


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