29 Unbelievably Rare Accomplishments Beyond The Moon

This collection highlights feats so rare and extraordinary, they eclipse even the incredible achievement of lunar exploration.

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“Fixed the leak at Chernobyl, saved the water table for  Western Europe. Three guys wearing taped up garbage bags. “

“Use their turn signal when pulling out of a BMW dealership.”

“Violet Jessup. Survived all three White Star ocean liner sinkings. The Titanic, the Olympic, and the Britannic.”

“Orbited the moon alone.”

“If I’m allowed to toot my own horn, I’m the only person to ever accurately forecast a tornado in Afghanistan. I had to fight tooth and nail to get that forecast approved, and by golly, it was by far the noodliest looking tornado ever. Someone down range thankfully got a picture for me.”

“Sir David Attenborough is the only person to win a BAFTA for a programme in black and white, colour, HD, 3D and 4K.”

“Joan Murray, in 1990, jumped from an altitude of 4400 km, both of her parachutes did not open. She fell on a nest of fire ants. Murray broke many bones, knocked out almost all her teeth, but remained conscious due to the fact that she received hundreds of poisonous ant bites, this contributed to a large release of adrenaline, as a result of which doctors managed to resuscitate her, after several years of treatment and physical recovery, Joan returned to normal life and continued skydiving.”

“Survived both the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

“Been hit by a meteorite. Just one – Ann Hodges.”

“Perfect autobiographical memory is a medical condition known as *hyperthymesia*. A person who has hyperthymesia could tell you from the top of their head what day of the week any date they lived through was, and what they ate that day, and what they did on that particular day. If they saw the news that day they could tell you the day’s headlines. It’s an exhausting condition to have.

It’s extremely rare and diagnosis is usually disputed. Only 10 case studies of hyperthymesia have passed peer review and been recorded in the medical literature.”

“Perished in a carbon fiber submarine with a video game controller as the method of controlling the submarine.”

“Stood trial as an ex President of the US.”

“Walked between the World Trade Center towers on a tightrope. Only one person ever did that.”

“Alex Honnold is the only person who has ever free soloed (climbing without ropes or gear) El Capitan.

I doubt anyone else will ever even attempt to do this. Not only is it extremely difficult and dangerous, but there’s not a lot of glory in being the second person to do it.”

“Having been born in Antarctica ​​​​.”

“Ran 100 meters in under 9.70 seconds (only 3 people have done this). Similarly run 100 meters in under 10.70 seconds for woman (only 7 woman have done this).

Shout out to:

Shout out to: 

– Usain Bolt 

– Tyson Gay 

– Yohan Blake 

– Florence Griffith-Joyner 

– Elaine Thompson-Herah 

– Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 

– Carmelita Jeter 

– Marion Jones 

– Shericka Jackson 

– Sha’Carri Richardson.”

“Played Tetris for the NES all the way to the end screen.”

“Only three people have died *in space* as a consequence of decompression.”

“Folded a fitted sheet .”

“Underwater backflip while sword swallowing. So far I think only one person holds that record.”

“Solved a Millennium Prize Problem. Only one person, Grigori Perelman, and he turned down the money.”

“More people have walked on the moon than winning on Takeshi’s Castle.”

“Hit two grand slams in one inning of an MLB game. Fernando Tatis is the only one.”

“Survive a fall greater than 29000 feet without a parachute.

Sauce: Vesna Vulović (Serbian Cyrillic: Весна Вуловић, pronounced [ʋêsna ʋûːloʋitɕ]; 3 January 1950 – 23 December 2016) was a Serbian flight attendant who survived the highest fall without a parachute: 10.16 kilometres (6.31 miles) or 33,330 feet.”

“Fewer than 12 people have willingly slept with Harvey Weinstein.”

“As far as I’m aware I am the only recorded case of a of a rare type of tumor growing in my nasal cavity. The tumor normally grows on nerves in the neck and spine. Till they did a post removal biopsy did they realize it wasn’t a more common type of blood clot. My initials and case number are in ENT medical text books.”

“In honor of today being the Kentucky Derby – only 11 people have trained a Triple Crown-winning horse. There have been 13 winning horses, but two trainers trained two winners.”

“Run the marathon distance in under 2 hours: 1 person.”

“Only six people have descended to the bottom of the Mariana trench.”

“Survived rabies. (I think).

Edit: clarifying that I was not referring to myself but just answering the original question of something I thought that less than 12 people had achieved. I was pretty sure less than 12 people have survived contracting rabies because, barring the one exception I could think of, it has 100% fatality rate.”

“Only 9 people have had the same heart infection I have 4 have survived.”

“People who won 2 Nobel prizes.”

“Stuck part of their body into a particle accelerator and survived (2 that I know of).”

“The same number of people, 12, have hiked the entire length of the Grand Canyon in one continuous push.”

“There is currently only one person in the world who successfully landed a quadruple axel in competition.”

“Only two people have ever flown the XF-84H Thunderscreech.

Theoretically it was the fastest propeller-driven airplane ever built; it could have attained a speed above 1000km/h, but was so difficult to fly that it was never taken above roughly 840km/h in testing. At the very least it was the *loudest* propeller-driven airplane ever built, due to its supersonic propeller tips. One of the test pilots made a single flight and was so terrified at the plane’s handling that he refused to ever set foot in the cockpit again. The other test pilot made 11 flights for a total of 12 test flights before the project was canceled. Thankfully the plane didn’t manage to actually kill either of the people who flew it, making it statistically safer than a Boeing 737.”

“One man swam the length of the Amazon, Danube, Mississippi and Yangtze Rivers. “

“Only one guy has ever tried to take his hockey skate off and stab someone with it.”

“Have served as president of the US more than twice.”

“Deadlifted over 500kg.”

“Walked on the very bottom of the ocean.”

“Beat Michael Jordan in the NBA finals.”

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